Log Cabins – A Level Base

The key to a successful log cabin installation all rests with the base.   In today’s blog post we look at the importance of starting with a level base.

Whether you intend to fit your new log cabin yourself, have our expert fitters and installers do it for you or instruct a local contractor, ensuring that you have a level base in all directions is the cornerstone to any successful log cabin installation.

All of our log cabins are constructed in pretty much the same way, the machine milled logs sit directly on top of each other interlocking at the corners and along the tongue and groove logs.  They are perfectly designed to withstand vertical forces but not lateral ones,so if you build your cabin on a slope or on a wonky base you can expect to have problems either at the time of installation or in the future.

What problems will I encounter?

The biggest problem with a base that is not level is that it makes the log cabin so much harder to put together, depending on just how bad the base is you’ll encounter problems such as:-

  • The logs don’t seat together easily or at all
  • The windows or doors will be unlevel
  • On an apex building the Apex wont sit flush with the upper wall creating a gap
  • Double doors won’t line up
  • The roof boards will not go on straight and there will be an incline in them which doesn’t look good.
  • Gaps will develop
  • You’ll have long time problems with warping, twisting, straining, cracking or splitting logs.

Even if you manage to overcome these issues during installation, the effects of latera lforces on you cabin created by the wonky or sloping base may over time cause issues resulting in a buckling or warping cabin and split and strained logs.

Whilst some small imperfections to the base can be resolved during installs by expert fitters, for example by the use of chocking on a  concrete base or shingle with a probase.  We would highly recommend that you pay particular attention to your base when preparing for install by ensuring that it is level.

For tips on laying a concrete base check out our article here, and if you would like some over the phone advise on your base work please call us on 01362 470075.


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