Why have a summer house, garden office, or hobby room in the garden

As your family gets bigger it can feel as though your house is getting smaller. Suddenly your dining room is a study room or that extra room downstairs is now the kids den and you no longer have space for yourself in your own home. You’re settled in your street and don’t want to move house, so what do you do? How do you escape the sound of the kids arguing or their music blaring and the endless mountains of washing without buying a bigger house? You could consider an extension but not only are they costly they also require planning permission.

Why not opt for a garden building instead? You can build a room specifically designed to fit your needs for a fraction of the cost of an extension and it can insulated should you wish to use it all year round. Not only that you can build it away from your busy house, deep in the sanctuary of your garden. Imagine being able to close the door on the noise and relax in a space of your own creation.

It can be as luxurious or as practical as you want it to be. You could wire up electrics should you wish to turn it into a TV or cinema room or if you’re fed up of hearing televisions playing you could fit a chiller for your favourite bottles of wine or beer to enjoy with your favourite music or book. Your log cabin could be where you watch the football with friends at the weekend or where you catch up with the girls on a weeknight.

Should you feel you deserve something more luxurious why not build a hot tub room? You could create the ultimate space to relax in after a stressful day or to enjoy with friends and a log cabin hot tub room can easily be used all year round. In fact there is no greater feeling than relaxing in a soothing warming hot tub when there is frost in the air.

The benefits of a garden building are endless should you find yourself struggling for space. More people than ever now work from home and a log cabin or summer house would make the perfect office because not only can it be made as warm and secure as you need it to be but it is separate from your usual living space meaning you get peace and quiet when you need it and can shut the door on work at the end of a busy day when you’re finished.

Log Cabin Beauty RoomA log cabin is also the perfect place to start your own business too whether you’re a beautician, a writer or a budding seamstress if you have a talent or a qualification that you want to use to its full potential that is possible with a garden building. All of your equipment can be kept safely in one place, out of the way.

So whether it is luxury you’re after or practicality a garden building could the answer to your problems. No planning permission is required in most places for buildings under 2 and half metres tall which means no stressful form filling and waiting for approval. You can opt for a base that is not only eco friendly but removable too should you decide to move house later down the line and wish to take your cabin with you

No more arguing over the remote or struggling to relax or find peace and quiet. Start planning your perfect log cabin garden room now.

At Cabins Unlimited we pride ourselves on having an experienced team who are dedicated to finding the right garden building for our customer’s requirements. There are over 500 models of log cabins, sheds and summer houses to choose from on our website and our Dereham show site is open 7 days a week and has over 25 models on display.

At Cabins Unlimited we offer a nationwide install service with hard working, reliable fitters and can perform a free site survey should you be unsure on what would work for your garden. We also offer additional services including removal of any old garden buildings, base installation, landscaping and fences to name just a few.

Additionally, we also carry a fantastic range of hot tubs which would compliment your log cabin and we offer a cash back programme for referrals from existing customers.

You can find us at:


01362 470 075


Aldiss Park, Norwich Road, Dereham, NR20 3PX

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