Palmako Pre-Treatment Option – Your questions answered

The majority of Log Cabin kits come untreated and need to be treated inside and out in a good quality wood treatment as soon as possible after it has been installed.  Obviously with the good old British weather as it is sunshine cannot always be guaranteed meaning that sometimes there is a bit of a delay between installation and treatment which can’t be helped.  As a solution to this issue Palmako Garden buildings can pre-dip a lot of their log cabins in a protective timber treatment at the factory as an optional extra  Meaning that when your timber building arrives it is already protected from the weather, insect infestation and mould for up to a year before it needs re-treating.

Our wide range of Palmako products can be found on our website
here and we have answered some common customer questions about pre-treatment below.


Palmako building being treated in a treatment bathCabin being treated in a treatment bath



What are the benefits of my timber building being pre-treated?

Most log cabins arrive as log cabin kits in their natural state ready to be constructed and treated afterwards.  We would always recommend to customers that they don’t treat their building until it has been installed as timber is a natural product and will absorb some of the treatment during application. This would lead to the timber expanding to some degree and could make a successful installation difficult.  However, this obviously presents customers with a bit of a dilemma as until the timber is treated it remains vulnerable and with unpredictable weather especially at this time of year it can be a while for the right conditions to be present to enable you to adequately treat your cabin.  Although the building won’t rot in the timescales we are talking about, untreated wood can become greyish, turn blue or become mouldy if left unprotected over time.  In order to combat this problem Palmako are able to offer a pre-treatment service at the point of manufacturer for a lot of its timber building giving customers the peace of mind of knowing their log cabin is protected before it even leaves the factory.

How is my timber building pre-treated?

Palmako have invested in their own treatment baths where each individual piece of wood that make up your log cabin is is dipped in  Axil 3000 P by the Sarpap & Cecil Industries which is a water soluble treatment liquid that guarantees treatment within classes 1-5.  Dipping the timber in treatment baths like this ensures that every surface of the timber is coated and protected meaning that once the building is constructed there are no hard to reach areas such as the sides of window frames that are left vulnerable and untreated.  Once dipped the elements are taken out, and checked for coverage whilst they dry.

What colours of treatment baths are available?

Currently customers can choose between brown, grey and clear white pre-treatment colours.  Whilst the brown and grey can be used to enhance your garden building the clear white makes the perfect base for painting your log cabin in another colour.

How long does the pre-treatment last?

By having your timber treated in a dip treatment you are effectively coating your timber building in one coat of quality timber treatment.  Therefore we would recommend that to keep your timber building in tip top condition you retreat again in a premium timber treatment product  inside and outside within the first year.

Does a pre-treatment affect delivery times?

Adding a pre-treatment to your order does extend your delivery time by approximately 2-3 weeks.  The reason for this is because the pre-treatment work is carried out at Palmako’s factory in Estonia and pre-treated cabins are not held in stock.  It takes time to dip the cabin and allow sufficient drying time and this is reflected in the increased delivery times.  Palmako currently have one bath per treatment colour so in times of high demand this can also extend the delivery times.  whilst we can appreciate this may be disappointing news to hear, order by the end of March and not only do you get this treatment free you will also have a fully protected garden building in time to enjoy the spring.  Our sales team will be happy to advise of current delivery times on pre-treated cabins when you are ready to order or by telephone on 01362 470075.

Can any building be pre-treated?

Pre-treatment and this offer only applies to Palmako buildings that offer the pre-treatment as a product option.  If pre-treatment is available this is detailed in the product options on the individual product pages.  Whilst a vast amount of Palmako buildings do offer the pre-treatment option it does not apply to all cabins this restriction is due to the size of the treatment bathes.

What can I do if pre-treatment isn’t available?

If pre-treatment is not available on your timber building then you will need to treat it with a premium timber treatment as soon as possible after construction.  We use and recommend Rystix Timbacare products on all of our log cabins and timber products on our show site.  We recommend it because we know it works.  Exterior timbacare is a water based treatment with a fast drying time available in 1l and 5l tins in clear and standard colours as well as premium colour mix colours.  The premium colour mix service means that we can match your timber treatment to a wide range of colours to add individuality and a splash of colour to your garden.  Once treated in 3 good coats your timber building will be fully protected for up to 7 years before it will need treating again.  With Rystix retreating couldn’t be easier either simply wipe down the building with a mild detergent  to remove any dirt wait for it to dry and apply another coat – no time consuming sanding required! More information can be found on our website
here or by calling the team on 01362 470075

If you are attracted to the convenience of  the pre-treatment option then why not have our experienced team of Installers and Fitters treat your cabin for you during installation.  Not only will they save you time and do a fantastic job they will also take off and replace any fascias or trims paying attention to log ends to ensure maximum protection.  For a quote please call the team on 01362 470362.

Should you have any further questions regarding the pre-treatment option please call the sales team on 01362 470075 or pop down to the show site to see us.  Our
Norfolk log cabin and shed display site can be found in the grounds of Dereham Football Club Aldiss Park, Norwich Road, Dereham, NR20 3PX – conveniently located just off the A47.  We are open weekdays 8.30 to 5pm and weekends 10am-4pm.

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