Meet The Team – Michael Newbold

michael-newbold assistant Operations managerFor today’s blog post we meet Michael who has continued to grow and develop alongside the business since first starting here on an apprentice scheme over two years ago. If you have ever given us a call in the week or popped to the show site for a look around then you would no doubt have probably seen or spoken to Michael.

Here is a little bit about him.

Name:  Michael Newbold

Position at Cabins Unlimited:  Assistant Operations Manager

What does that entail?
Ensuring the correct equipment and tools are working correctly, ordering of the buildings with the manufacturers and booking in installations with customers – after order mainly.

How long have you worked for Cabins Unlimited?
Nearly 2 and a half years, previously an apprentice in a sales and services advisor

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?
Spending time with friends, bingeing Netflix or Gaming

What is your favourite colour?
Red or Blue – I can’t decide!

Favourite Food?
Christmas/Roast Dinner

Least Favourite Food?
Salad or Fruit

What is your favourite thing about working at Cabins Unlimited?
The team and feeling of involvement in the business

What is your least favourite thing about working at Cabins Unlimited?
How often everyone else wants Coffee/Tea and I don’t drink either

If you had your dream log cabin what would it be used for and why?
A Java 44 Log Cabin,  for a Cinema/Gaming Room

michael-newbold-apprentice-of-the-year-2017Back in early 2017 Michael won Apprentice of the year at City College Norwich for Marketing and has become a valuable and important part of the Cabins Unlimited Team bringing knowledge, ideas and a calming and organised nature to a hecticQoffice environment.

He is very well liked across the business and customer feedback on his approach is superb.  Michael has developed his skills and knowledge across Sales, Marketing and Operations and is the go to person in the business for any issues and advice.

What impact has the business becoming a Future50 Member for 2018 had on you?

In my role of Assistant Operations Manager, I work closely with the manufacturers, courier and our fitting team to co-ordinate delivery, installation and other
after-order elements as well as editing the website, including updating our web
listings and managing orders.

Being a part of a company that has the Future 50 title gives me pride in working in the business I do and pride in my colleagues and gives me great confidence being a part of a
rapidly growing team and industry.

I am currently focusing on my new role in the business and developing my skills in it which all will aid in Cabins Unlimited growing as a business and I hope to develop my
skills in my role and move into a position in the future, managing one of our
show sites when we expand further by opening other show sites elsewhere in the

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