Creating a home office

Yesterday was the deadline for submitting your self-assessment tax return online. If
you are sitting there wishing you had the freedom to branch out on your own and
be your own boss then we have the solution that could make that dream a reality
for you.

With space at a premium in most homes these days, many of our customers come to us as they would love to work from home, or expand their business but just don’t have the spare room. Sitting on the sofa with your laptop balanced on your knee, dog curled up at your feet and files spread across the floor whilst domestic life goes on around you may be ok in the short term but if working from home is something you want to do long term you need a dedicated area to do it and this is where one of our log cabins comes to the rescue as the perfect solution.  Buying a log cabin from us is undoubtedly cheaper than moving house, a brick extension or conservatory, and with regular maintenance and using a good quality treatment such as Rystix Timbercare they can easily surpass the life span of any brick built structure. With many of our log cabins under 2.5m planning permission is not needed in most areas either although planning regulations do vary all
across the country so we do recommend speaking to your local authority to find
out what the situation is where you live.

Working from home has some major advantages, including the ability to finish work at 5pm and be at home with the kettle on at 5.05pm without the hassle and expense of a commute back in rush hour traffic. With research showing that the environment in which you work directly effects your productivity, the design of your new dedicated log cabin office is something that needs careful consideration. Below I have set out the most important design features we looked at when choosing our show site log cabin office.

Space – This has to be top of the list as it is arguably the first thing that most of our customers have to decide upon. When purchasing a log cabin to use to house your business there are two questions you need to ask yourself. How much space do I have in my garden for my log cabin and how much space does my business need? The first can be answered quite easily by a simple measure up, the second may be a little trickier depending on your business. When considering which log cabin we were going to use as an office we knew that we wanted a building that could comfortably house 3 desks and chairs with space for show site visitors and a minimal need for a storage area. Out of the models on our show site this meant that the Pisa would make the ideal show site
office for the team. We have over 600 log cabins and summerhouses for sale on our website, from the Alex which would be great for a personal office to the much larger
Kristi multi-room log cabin recently purchased to be used as a canine therapy centre. If you’re unsure of what log cabin would best fit in your space and you live local to us here in Norfolk you can always contact us to arrange a site visit, or simply send us in some photographs of your space and some brief details to us at and we would be happy to help you.

Accessibility and Visitors- Depending on what type of business you are thinking of running you may have customers who may wish to visit you in your log cabin office. Therefore, you may need to think about whether your log cabin requires spaces for things like a waiting area, reception, changing area or meeting room. At our show site we want to be as welcoming as possible and something we had to consider was accessibility for all. Therefore we chose a log cabin with double outward opening doors to make
it easier for customers and one that would allow space for our desks as well as a comfortable amount of space for our visitors to take a seat and enjoy a hotdrink too whilst they discuss their log cabin needs with us.

Natural Light – Enjoying natural light from windows or doors can really make
a difference to how you feel after spending 8 hours in your office. It’s important to also remember to have enough lighting for days when it’s cloudy and grey. The log cabin that we work from the  Pisa has 3 double windows and a partially glazed door that allows plenty of natural light into the cabin.

Noise levels- Not many people can or like to work in a completely silent environment but an environment that is too noisy can quickly become a distraction both to you and
the people you are interacting with over the telephone. Therefore, consider where in your garden your home office is going to be, maybe there is a side of the garden that is noisier than another for example. The great thing about timber over brick is that it is a brilliant natural insulator so if kids are playing in the garden, a neighbours doing a spot of DIY or cutting the grass, noise inside your cabin is minimal especially in buildings with double glazing and a log thickness over 40mm.

Comfortable climate – Not much work is going to get done if the only thing chattering is your teeth, so having an environment that isn’t cold in the winter or too hot in the summer is very important. All of our log cabins come with the option of purchasing our specially designed insulation kits alongside them. Designed to fit under the floor boards and on top of the roof these kits will dramatically reduce the amount of heat lost and
help create a cabin that’s comfortable to work in all year round. We don’t offer wall insulation for any of our cabins as in our experience this is generally not needed for any cabin that has a log thickness over 40mm with  roof and floor insulation. Obviously there are occasions where some form of heating is needed and these have been discussed in a previous article which you can  read here. On those hot sunny days it’s nice to open the windows and let the fresh air in.

A home office that matches your taste- Colour can evoke a lot of emotions and can also have an effect on how productive you are and how welcoming others find your log cabin home office. You will of course also want something that fits well into your garden and makes you think, ‘yes let’s get some work done’. We recommend the use of
Rystic timber treatments on all our cabins, we know it works because we use it
ourselves. As well as being a high quality timber treatment another advantage of
Rystix is that in addition to being available in a number of natural finishes you can also have the treatment colour mixed. This means that you can select a colour that matches your personality and your garden and help create that perfect working environment. Inside our log cabin we also use the Armafloor product to treat all internal timber
surfaces, giving protection from dirt and abrasions making it easier to keep
the cabin looking clean and in tip top condition.

Organisation and Storage – One of the hardest things to get used to when working from home is the organisational and time management aspect of it. Certainly having to leave your home helps with this even if you are only walking across the garden as it helps to have a separate place completely independent of your home life to enable you to focus totally on the job in hand. Another thing that helps is keeping your home office organised and depending on what business you wish to run storage may play a big factor in this. For a business that require supplies of stock or larger raw materials our log cabins with side storage may offer just the solution. If you have a lot of files storage you may need to look at a cabin with windows and doors on one or two sides to allow two clear walls for storage, or a cabin with standard or ¾ windows to allow for storage shelving or desks to go under the window.

Whatever your business dreams are we are sure that we can find you just the log cabin that’s right for you like the Devonshire is right for us. I hope that this has given you an idea of what you need to look for and think about when purchasing your new log
cabin home office, if you would like to discuss any of our log cabins with us
or need any help at all please do give us a call on 01362 470075. Who knows in 12 months’ time you could have just submitted your own tax return.

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