Friday Feedback – Antigua Wooden Single Garage

It’s time for this week’s Friday Feedback, and this week our customer feedback is on the Antigua 3.6m x 5.4 wooden garage from Lasita. Like sheds, timber garages are also extremely popular purchases this time of year with the weather turning colder and dreams of a white Christmas.

This customer was local to our Log Cabin Show site and wanted to deal with a local company, so he came to visit us one weekend to discuss what his options were to replace his old timber building. After talking to us and measuring up he decided on the larger
Antigua single wooden garage which he felt would give him enough room for his car as well as a smaller workshop area that could also be used for storage. The customer also purchased shingle tiles alongside the building in red as well as roofing felt to act as an underlay. For cabins with a low pitch such as the Antigua garage we do recommend an underlay is used to make sure that no rain water gets under the shingles and is able to penetrate the roof boards. The garage was installed by our own Norfolk team of installers and fitters onto a concrete base.


I made the purchase to replace the existing garage in a cheap and sustainable way. The staff were patient and courteous. If one member of staff didn’t know something they would find out from another. The installation was quick and efficient, the only thing I would change is that they didn’t eat enough biscuits!

At 12ft by 18ft, constructed with 44mm interlocking tongue and groove logs the Antigua is one of our most popular single timber garage options from our
Garages range. The Antigua comes with two options for doors, the more traditional up and over garage door and gate doors like you would find on a double door shed. This customer opted for the gate door option as he felt that it fitted in more with his property. Customers wishing to use their garage as a workshop also often opt for the gate door option as this allows easy access into the building for larger items as well as the ability to just open one half of the door if you are working in there on the warmer days.

When it comes to the single door and the single double-glazed window the Antigua doesn’t have the spaces for these already cut into the garage which means you can decide exactly where you want to place them. Once you have decided, the door and window placement are cut into the garage once it has been installed. Cutting in windows and doors is a simple process that is easily carried out by our timber building installation teams and for his garage is included in the installation cost. The Antigua is the only one of our standard garages that allows this unique feature.

Being able to store your car in a timber garage certainly saves you time in the winter mornings by not having to stand out in the cold and de-ice your vehicle as well as protecting your car and paintwork from the weather.  A garage also provides additional security for your car, preventing it and its contents being visible from the road, with cars and work vehicles often attracting a reduction in insurance payments when they are stored off road in a secure garage overnight.

You can check out the wide range of Garages and Car ports we have on our website
here, which includes, single, double and even garage and carport combos. The garage and car port combinations would be great for someone who needs the security and storage offered by a garage as well as a sheltered area perhaps to work on their motorbikes or car.

If you are looking to replace an old garage like this customer, a double garage to store the family vehicles or its the thought of not having to scrape ice of your car this winter that appeals to you then call the team on 01362 470075 to discuss your wood garage options.  If you are local to our Norfolk log cabin display site you can also pop in for a chat just like this customer did.  We are open weekdays 8.30-5pm and weekends 10-4pm.


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