​How long will my log cabin last?

Ever wondered how long a log cabin will last for? The answer may just surprise you, find out in today’s blog post.

A question that we are often asked by our customers is how long will a log cabin last before I need to replace it? It’s a perfectly understandable question to ask, after there is no such thing as a cheap log cabin. The answer is that a log cabin will last for about as long as you want it to. The longevity of your log cabin or timber buildings depends upon a ménage of factors such as:-

Manufacturer – We have got this one covered for you as we only work with manufacturers who have a proven record in not only producing Log Cabins with innovative and practical designs but also log cabins that are of a consistent high quality, from the raw materials to the fixtures and fittings.

Roof Covering – All of our log cabins and timber buildings come without a roof covering as standard to give our customers the flexibility of choice. For pent roof cabins, we recommend the use of a EPDM rubber roofing system with a 30+ year life span; for log cabins with an apex roof our felt shingle tiles come highly recommended, available in a variety of colours with a 25-year life span. Take care of your roof by selecting a high quality long lasting roof covering option and this will provide protection for your timber building for many years to come.


Treatment – Our Log Cabins and timber buildings arrive untreated in their natural state, this makes them a lot easier to install and gives you the freedom to choose which wood treatment to go for and which colour. For the cabins on our Dereham Log Cabin Display Site we use premium Rystix Timbercare products. Available in a multitude of colours and shades to treat both the exterior and interior of your cabin, these products act as a primer, stain and sealer in 3 easy to apply coats protecting your timber building for up to 7 years. Protect your log cabin with a good quality product such as Rystix and your cabin will last for years.

Insulation and Ventilation – A log cabin with floor and roof insulation doesn’t just make it more comfortable for use all year through but can also protect your cabin too. Our specially developed kits have been scientifically proven to prevent condensation in the roof space. As well as treating the inside of your cabin with a suitable treatment you may also need to add ventilation to your cabin to prevent condensation. For example, if you were using your log cabin to house a sauna or as a hot tub enclosure, if you need any advice on this please give the team a call on 01362 470075.

Maintenance – We recommend annual maintenance of your log cabin to keep it in tip top condition. Start with a good wash down with either a hose or pressure washer to get rid of all the nasty stuff such as dust, mud, pollen, bird poo and insect debris. Once washed you’ll be able to see and make decisions about what to do next. For example, one of the qualities of a timber treatment is that it repels water, therefore you will see when you wash it whether the water is beading and running off or soaking in; if its soaking in then it would be time to apply a maintenance coat of treatment. After washing and allowing time to dry it is time to have a good look around checking for things like any loose fittings, signs of insects and checking your roof coverings for any damage or tears. A well maintained cabin not only looks great but lasts, contact us to enquire about our maintenance packages.

Base – As explained in a recent blog post, no matter what base you go for whether timber, concrete, paving slabs or railway sleepers; the success of a long lasting cabin build rests with a firm and level base. A wonky base makes the cabin difficult to install and can lead to problems with your cabin structure over time. It is also important to make sure with a timber base that there is adequate support to hold the building otherwise you will have difficulties with the cabin dropping and sagging over time.


Installation – Our log cabin kits arrive in your driveway ready to be put up. Whilst some of our customers experienced with DIY like to take on the project of putting the cabin together themselves, a vast majority of our customers opt to use the experts. Our teams of log cabin installers and fitters are experienced in the fitting of timber buildings, installing for our customers all over the mainland U.K. A well installed log cabin will last a lot longer than a badly installed one so if you would like a quote for log cabin installation please contact us or give the fitting team a call on 01362 470075.



So there you have it, rather than being a simple one word answer the secret to a long lasting log cabin all depends on choosing the right cabin and taking care of it. Combine all these factors together and there is no reason why your new log cabin will not last decades.

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