How to Make the Most of your Log Cabin

If you are looking for more space at home to cater for your ever growing family, but an extension is appearing to be far too costly then have you ever thought about investing in a log cabin or summer house? Sturdy, solid and warm, they are a great multi purpose addition to any household.

Home Office:

More people are working from home than ever before and while the idea of working at home sounds like a dream to some, the reality can be harder than it seems. By having an office separate to the rest of your living space you can disassociate the two so at the end of your working day, lock the door and leave the work phone and emails behind, while similarly you have a quiet place to work away from the kids when they’re on school holidays.

Hobby Room / Craft Room:

We all have hobbies or interests but how many of us are able to dedicate time to them? We’re all lead busy lives but sometimes the real reason we don’t spend more time doing what we love is because we don’t have the space to implement it. Cue an outside living area. Finally, you could have your own space to knit or paint and keep all of your equipment together. You could finally learn to play that instrument you have always wanted to know how to play and have a quiet place to practice. The options are endless.

Beauty Room:

Beauticians are now opting to work from home and are creating beautiful sanctuaries for their clients to relax and enjoy treatments. You could add mood lighting or fairy lights and soothing music to bring in that spa element. Alternatively, if you’re not a beautician but a huge beauty fanatic, why not use the room for that instead? A social area where you get ready (with or without friends) you could listen to music and the natural sunlight will always help with make up application.


If your teenagers are taking up too much room and you want some of your space back then why not consider an outside living space for them? Somewhere they can hang out with their friends, watch TV or listen to music and not be in the way or making lots of noise (and mess!).

Social Space:

Alternatively, if you don’t want the log cabin for the kids, why not have it for yourself? It could be a grown up sanctuary you and your other half could escape to after a long hard day and relax with some music and a glass of wine. It could also be a social area when friends come over rather than trying to talk over the TV in the living room or the washing machine in the kitchen. Or how about turning it into a games room or an outside bar?

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