Our New She Shed!

Its out with the man cave, and make way for the she shed.  With the growing trend in she-sheds sweeping the UK, here at Cabins Unlimited we are very proud to unveil our very own she shed to inspire you.  Yes you have read that right our newest log cabin at our Dereham Log Cabin and Shed show site – is the Brighton Log Cabin which we have turned into a really rather beautiful ‘She Shed’.

This 34mm 3x3m Brighton 1 Log Cabin by our manufacturer Eurovudas, was carefully selected to be our she shed due to the large amount of glazing to the front allowing loads of natural light into the cabin.  The Brighton 1 log cabin is a budget friendly summerhouse as well as it being a popular choice for customers with a small back garden.

Every women needs their own she shed, whether its to create that relaxing space in your garden to escape the chaos of daily life or  a place where you can immerse yourself in a hobby.

By creating our ‘She Shed’ we have made a real life visual mood board to inspire you and give you ideas on just what can be done with your log cabin. They certainly are versatile!  A comfortable sofa is a great place to pop your feet up and chill with a nice cup of tea or glass of wine.  The white walls and large mirror add to the feeling of space, creating a calming atmosphere with the feminine finishing touches of plaques and bunting adding  a little personality.

Unless otherwise stated all of our log cabins, gazebos, summerhouses and timber buildings come delivered as a log cabin kit, with the wood in its natural state.  This not only gives customers a choice of how to treat the building but also considerably aids construction.  Once installed, your building must be treated inside and out by a high quality timber treatment as soon as possible.  Like all the cabins on our show site our new she shed is treated inside and out with Rystix treatment products. The outside is Exterior Armadek clear, colour mixed to a light pink with white trims. Inside we have white walls and contrasting mahogany floor sealed with Interior Armafloor for protection.  The beauty of the colour mix options means that you not only can combine colour with timber treatment but you can also treat your timber building that truly complements the garden or adds some personality and colour.

To coincide with our She Shed unveiling, we have been updating our Pinterest page with lots of ideas to help you create your own perfect she shed.  Come and visit us at our log cabin and shed display site and we will also be on hand to give any tips or advice regarding turning a log cabin or summerhouse into extra living space or the creation of a she shed, teen den or man cave.  If you can’t get to the show site but would like to discuss your ideas with us, please give us a call on 01362 470075.  We are happy to send you information, quotations and photographs of any of our timber buildings for sale. We are open 7 days a week, weekdays 8.30 am to 5pm and weekends 10am to 4pm.


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