Create your own Log Cabin Home Gym

If yesterday’s London Marathon inspired you to dust off your running shoes but you struggle to get the gym, or perhaps your dreams of getting fit are hampered because group classes and exercising in front of others isn’t for you.   Then a Log Cabin garden gym maybe just the solution for you.

Use your back-garden log cabin to create the best place to work out that is just a hop skip and jump from your own house, meaning that you aren’t wasting precious exercise time travelling to the gym or finding somewhere to park.

Let us help you find the ideal log cabin that is both big enough to house all your gym equipment from treadmill to free weights, yet open enough to allow plenty of fresh air and daylight unlike most commercial sweaty gyms.

Whether you’re up for some hardcore work out or would rather take the more relaxing Yoga or Pilates route you can customise the inside of your log cabin to create the ideal work out environment.  Hook up a pumping sound system, watch a bit of TV from the treadmill or simply use our colour mixed Rystix interior timber treatments on your walls to create a calm relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for meditation and winding down.

We recently fitted a summerhouse for a customer who was looking to create a home gym to get into shape after having her baby.  A log cabin provided the perfect solution for her as she could bring the baby in with her whilst she was exercising and wasn’t tied to gym opening hours and classes.

Oxfordshire Internal View from Cabins Unlimited on Vimeo.

We have a huge range of summerhouses and log cabins available on our website from cheap summerhouses to twin walled log cabins to suite any garden.  You can even upgrade your cabin with many optional extras from roof and floor insulation for all year use, to guttering.  Many of our models are available under 2.5m to ridge meaning that planning permission is usually not needed as well as the ability to upgrade the floor thickness – perfect for customers wishing to use heavy weights and gym equipment.

Run down and see us at our Norfolk Log Cabin Summerhouse and Shed
Display Site in Dereham, or call us on 01362 470075 and we’ll see you on the right track for achieving your fitness goals.


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