Garden Trends for 2017

In a world full of ideas about what’s hot or not, have you ever considered making your garden more ‘trendy’? Believe it or not, just like anything else in today’s world, gardens can be stylish and there are elements you can add to give it a modern edge or add some interesting focal points.

I have scoured the internet to find my favourite garden trends for 2017 and ideas on how you can implement them into your existing garden building giving your outside living area a little revamp without stretching your budget.

Natural Material

rusticMore and more people are opting for a rustic, natural look over clean and pretty furniture. Think of an old wooden pallet being used as an outside table and you get the idea. The great thing about this trend is you can easily pick up pieces from charity shops, work places, even skips to use as furniture and accessories creating a unique look. You could decorate your potting shed with old flower pots of different shapes and sizes (the more shabby the better!) or bend old stainless steel cutlery and nail them to the wall to use as pegs. You could even make features out of old unwanted ornaments or instruments.

If you are looking for summerhouse inspiration, the OBAN log cabin would make the perfect summerhouse shed retreat and at 2.4mx 2.4m, is particularly great for small gardens. We have loads of log cabins for sale and happy to discuss with you about how we can help you find a model to suit your garden or your requirements from a garden building.


Clean and MinimalIf your log cabin, summer house or shed has become a bit of a storage ground then now is the time to have a clear out (we sell a log cabin that also comes with side storage if you are struggling for space – Wrexham Log Cabins) Paint the inside a light colour and accessorise with clean, linear furniture. Keep it simple and uncluttered. Just one framed print on the main wall and a stylish floor lamp in one corner. Add a bowl or ornament onto a simple coffee table and a small patterned rug underneath and you will have the perfect social garden building to relax in.

Urban Jungle

urban-jungleIndoor plants are fast becoming a hot trend for 2017 and whether you prefer the real thing or an imitation, the choices are endless. Even in cheaper shops, the quality of fake plants are great for the price tag. This trend is a really cost effective way to update your log cabin or summer house whether it is a small selection of plants on your coffee table or windowsill or a huge plant as a feature in the corner of your room, you can have lots of fun with this trend and even bring elements of your garden into your garden building if you’re a keen gardener.

With it’s traditional log cabin exterior, the EV York would be the perfect setting for this trend whether your urban jungle is inside or outside!

Pop Of Colour

pop-of-colourBold, bright colours will give your outside living space a whole new lease of life and look amazing. You don’t even need to buy new furniture just a pot or two of paint to give them a revamp. To really make a statement, you could paint your log cabin two different colours or tie it in with the rest of your garden by painting your fence a bold colour too. If you are unsure about going too bright then opt for pastel colours instead. Our timber treatment range Rystix comes in a variety of colours and can be custom mixed plus it provides your timber building with up to seven years protection.

Visit and follow our Pinterest page for more inspiration on what you can do with your log cabin, shed, summer house and much more!

The Oban, Wrexham and York log cabins are on display at our Dereham Show Site so why not come and visit us today? We are open 7 days a week.

*Photos sourced from Pinterest


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