Lady Log Cabin Summerhouse Inspiration

Recently at Cabins Unlimited, we re-visited a previous customer to install a second log cabin summerhouse.  Fortunately, we were allowed to take a sneeky peek into the cabin we installed two years before and were extremely impressed with how this customer has turned it into a superb log cabin hobby room.  Her hobby was sewing, needlecraft and making quilts and the log cabin was a seamstress’s dream workshop.

We have written a few blogs recently about the fact that women have become one of our biggest growth customer groups and the reasons why over the last few years, it’s women who now desire their own personal space for hobbies or relaxation areas to enjoy some well deserved peace and quiet away from a busy home.  Originally, many customers purchased our log cabins to give the men a place out of the house and thus, the man cave was born however now that has changed.  Now it’s the ladies who want a little corner of the garden to unwind in or use as a home gym, music room or reading room and all of these options, and more, are made possible with a log cabin summerhouse. Here at Cabins Unlimited we have a huge range of log cabins for sale in the UK so you are certain to find one that fits your needs.

Over the last 12 months we have had many female customers who have purchased one of our log cabins solely for their use. There was one particular lady who needed a quiet place to study for her doctorate so asked us to design a bespoke log cabin for use as a study room. The log cabin she designed even had a small kitchen, toilet, a room that was to be used as an office and a lounge area with a sofabed for those long study periods.

nottingham-log-cabin-study-homeAnother customer, a recent mum, wanted to get back into shape after having her baby so bought a cabin and turned into a home gym complete with treadmill, cross trainer, free weights and soft mats. We treated the log cabin floor with Rystix Armafloor and the addition of a fridge for bottled water (and baby bottles), stereo, TV, chair to relax in and of course baby rocker, gave her everything she needed to enjoy her time with her new addition whilst keeping fit.

We love receiving images from customers and seeing how they are enjoying their log cabins. A popular option appears to be turning it into a sewing room. One particular lady collected vintage sewing machines and had over a hundred of them in display cabinets. Amazing!

sewing-hobby-room-log-cabin-from-cabins-unlimitedAnother offered a seamstress service as a hobby and small business, using her log cabin as her workshop to mend and adjust clothes. She told us it wouldn’t have been possible to fulfil her passion without us providing her with the perfect space she needed; her log cabin sewing room.

It has been extremely rewarding to help these customers achieve their goals and create their own little sanctuaries within their gardens. What would you use a log cabin summerhouse for?  As you can see we have a fair bit of experience and are passionate about the service we provide. We have a huge range of log cabins for sale so if you need some advice on bringing your ideas to life or just a chat about what is possible then please give us a call….we would love to help you.

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