Every Woman Needs a She Shed

Showsite She ShedFor years, the humble back garden shed has been a male domain, a man cave, the men’s shed, no women allowed. A masculine place for testosterone fuelled hobbies to take place, surrounded by rugged raw timber, old tools and maybe the odd garden spider two. Watch out though men because women are claiming the garden shed back! She Shed’s are sweeping the nation in a growing trend with women all over the country transforming their ordinary sheds into a blissful retreat, in an attempt to find some calm in their chaotic worlds.

Whether it’s a partner, demands from the kids, a pile of washing or tonight’s dinner waiting to be cooked, more and more women are finding it hard to relax, take time out for themselves and have their own space. Which is exactly where the she shed comes in, with the answer to finding that relaxing spot simply at the end of the back garden.

She sheds come in any forms, all providing that getaway from the stresses of life. Your new she shed could be a shed, gazebosummerhouse, converted timber garage or log cabin. Whatever the size, shape or style the she-shed takes, their owners simply cherish having their own area to relax and be creative.

Move aside the upturned box and radio of the man cave the she shed is a much more stylish garden shack. Often the she shed contains not much more than a comfy couch and a place to balance a cuppa or glass of wine, the decoration though is often lavish. Cath Kidson inspired, commonly consisting of gleaming white paintwork, rugs, fairy lights, throws and co-ordinated cushions. Need some live inspiration of your own? Then pop down to our shed and log cabin display site in Dereham, Norfolk, speak to the team and come and see our Brighton 3x3m 34mm log cabin, our very own she-shed. If you’re not local to our log cabin show site, but love the idea of having your own space check out our she-shed Pinterest boards and the sharing site boredpanda.com for some she shed decorating suggestions

Traditionally the she shed creates the perfect tranquil safe haven in your garden, but why stop there? The she shed can also be a great place to get creative and enjoy your hobbies. Your she shed could become a mini art studio, yoga retreat, music room, sewing shack or craft shed. Or why not take it even further and use your she-shed as the perfect base to turn your hobby into a business, whether this is a tranquil place to write the next best seller or the start of a great cottage industry selling homemade crafts or cakes.

The ideal she-shed creates a natural flow between the indoors and outdoors with lots of natural light, perhaps with a pastel or neutral colour scheme. Meaning that even if your back garden is small in space, you can turn any shed, corner summerhouse or log cabin into a she shed that feels much bigger than it really is and really utilise the available space.

Cost wise there is no doubt that creating a she shed is far cheaper than shelling out for a tropical holiday, it also lasts longer and there is no need for the bikini diet either. At Cabins Unlimited we have a wide range of timber buildings and log cabins for sale that would make an ideal she-shed whatever your budget. From Albany sheds, cheap summer houses and gazebos to the more luxurious 2 room and multi-room log cabin as well as Palmako log cabin cottages and back garden lodges. Simply come to our shed and log cabin show site, fill out our contact form with your requirements or give us a call on 01362 470075 and we can help you create your perfect she shed. Whether that’s taking the first steps in discussing what timber building you need, purchasing your dream log cabin or adding those finishing touches like shingle tiles, colour mixed timber treatment and log cabin installation. We are open 7 days a week.


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