The Clockhouse Cabin – Our Cabins Unlimited Cabin of the Week

The Clockhouse log cabin, new to 2017 in the Eurovudas range of log cabins is our Cabin of the Week for this week at Cabins Unlimited. At 3m by 4m () this log cabin was introduced to suit the smaller back garden and would be ideal as a summerhouse for relaxing with family and friends.

One of the unique features of a Eurovudas cabin is its solid Georgian bars adding a rustic style to the glazing. Nothing shows this off more than the Clockhouse, with its fully glazed double doors and 3 large single windows allowing plenty of light into your new summerhouse.

This log cabin is constructed with 44mm double tongue and groove logs featuring bevelled log ends for a more traditional look. Team its  44mm logs and double glazing with our Celotex roof and floor insulation kits and you have a wonderful log cabin that can be used in all seasons.

With a ridge height under 2.5m planning permission is not normally required to put this Clockhouse Log Cabin in your back garden, however we would always recommend that customers check out any local planning constraints with their local planning authority as guidelines can vary across the country.

Eurovudas log cabins, summerhouses and wooden garages all come with the option of purchasing shingle tiles for the roof in a range of colours and shapes. This gives you the chance to style your new log cabin with its attractive clock house roof design, to really complement your own garden. Whether this is to add a pop of colour, or blend in with existing garden buildings.

The Clock house log cabin is comes as a flat pack log cabin kit, conveniently delivered on a pallet to your driveway approximately 4-6 weeks after placing your order. You can either then grab a couple of your friends and install the building yourself or why not sit back and let our teams of experienced installers do all the work for you? We offer an installation service all across the Country including base work and treatment. For more details on these additional services please call the team on 01362 470075.

Your Clockhouse log cabin will be  delivered in its natural wood state and will need to be treated once it has been installed. For our cabins at our Norfolk Log Cabin and Shed Display site here in Dereham, we use and recommend the use of Rystix timber treatment products. Available as water based Exterior and Armadek as well as solvent based Exterior Sealer these products come in standard colours as well as clear but can also be colour mixed. This means you can create a garden building that’s as individual as you are by combining colour pigments with the benefits of treatment. Apply 3-4 good coats of this product paying extra attention to the log ends and behind the facias and you’ll have a cabin that’s protected against fungus, UV light, weather and insect infestation for years to come. Don’t forget the inside of your cabin as well! Protecting the inside of your cabin is important as it helps balance the logs, protects against water ingress and protects the floors from dirt. Find out more about Rystix products on our website here.

Clockhouse Log Cabin


       Clockhouse Log Cabin Quick Facts
 Base Size Metric 4.0m x 3.0m
 Base Size Imperial 13ft 2 ins x 9ft 11 ins
 Log Thickness 44mm
 Roof Type Apex
 Floor Area 12m2
 Wall Height 2.025m
Ridge Height 2.43m
Roof Boards 19mm
Floor Boards 19mm
 Door Double (1)
 Window Single (3)
Reversible Construction Available Yes




Clockhouse Pricing
Cabin Price £2605
Roof & Floor Insulation £618
Shingle £230
ProBase – 48 Tiles £285



 Clockhouse Installation Pricing
Cabin with Roofing Material £720
Fitting of Insulation Kit £265
 Concrete Base £1520
ProBase Fitting & Supply £680


If you can see yourself relaxing in a Clockhouse log cabin in your own back garden we would be happy to give you a quote, please call the team on 01362 470075 or complete our contact form here. Alternatively, if you are local to our log cabin display site pop down and see us at Aldiss Park, Norwich Road, Dereham, NR20 3PX . At our show site you can see a wide range of log cabins, garden workshops and gazebos from all our manufacturers demonstrating the quality log cabin you can expect from Cabins Unlimited.


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