Log Cabin Office Concrete Base Installed

One of the services we offer to our Customers who buy our sheds and log cabins is a concrete base. We can offer this service anywhere in the U.K but more recently have been fitting concrete bases for Palmako log cabins, Lasita Log Cabins, Eurovudas Log Cabins and our Albany Sheds here in Norfolk. We also offer other base systems including timber frame and our very popular Probase plastic grid base system for our customers who purchase summerhouses, sheds, log cabin workshops, log cabin bike stores and garden home office buildings.

Unlike many internet only log cabin agents who do not have a log cabin and shed display site or even install the cabins they sell, Cabins Unlimited have both a really well stocked shed, summerhouse and log Cabin Display Site here in Dereham, Norfolk, but also have their own log cabin installation and Albany Shed installation team.  Our fitters are expert in the installation of log cabin sheds and summerhouses and also in the other services we offer including base work, fencing, landscaping, log cabin insulation and log cabin painting.

Today we have been fitting a concrete base for a customer who has purchased a Eurovudas 5m x 4m Plymouth 3 68mm Log Cabin.


We always ensure we dig out and level the ground where required before we build and level a 100mm rough sawn timber framework shuttering which has been checked as being square and level before lining it with a Damp Proof Plastic Membrane.  We normally use bulk ready mix concrete but do sometimes mix concrete for smaller shed and log cabin bases by hand.  The concrete is barrowed into the timber shuttering starting at the far end and working towards the front.  The concrete is levelled using a heavy rake and when the framework is full we then ensure it is flat and tampered down to remove air bubbles and ensure the surface is smooth and totally level. Any excess concrete is removed.  It is important that on concrete bases for log cabins, the base is 100% level and square without any fall. The concrete should then be left to set and cure and dry for several days before being walked on or before the cabin or she’d I see built.

Here is our team finishing the concrete base for our local Swanton Morley customer who is having their log cabin shed delivered next week. Tomorrow we are fitting a Probase Plastic Grid base for a lovely lady in Toftwood who has purchased a new garden shed from us.

Laying a concrete base


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