Lisa 3 Log Cabin Installation in Swaffham, Norfolk

Our most popular building type sold all over the country is a one room Log Cabin in a range of sizes for multiple different uses. The Lisa 3 Log Cabin is a 5m x 4m Pent roof Log Cabin manufactured by Palmako and wasthe choice of building for this particular customer to create more space in their garden.

Following a visit to our Display Site in Norfolk, this customer immediately decided we were the right company to go with. We were able to offer this customer competitive prices on his building, basework and installation costs as well as an always friendly service. Having seen the Lisa 3 Log Cabin on show at our display site, the customer was able to grasp a feelfor the size of the building, the excellent quality and how exactly the
building would look finished in his garden. As well as the building itself, the
customer was also able to take a look at the ProBase in action as most of our
buildings on display have been erected onto ProBase by our installation team –
having seen the product the customer was also able to make the decision to go
with the ProBase as a budget yet strong base option for his Log Cabin.

This customer is based in Swaffham, Norfolk – just 25 minutes from our Norfolk Display site.

The ProBase was delivered swiftly to this customer which meant that our installation team could fit the ProBase well before the building was delivered so that the garden could be organised around the base for the building. As space was limited, this meant that the building needed to be offloaded directly onto the base using a HI-AB Crane offload system as with all of our Log Cabin deliveries.

Within a couple of weeks of ordering the building, this was also delivered quickly and efficiently to the customer. Following on from delivery our team happily returned the following day to install the building.This customer also purchased EPDM Rubber Roofing to provide a lifelong roofing option and Roof & Floor Insulation. Roof & Floor
Insulation was a necessity for this customer as he will be using the building
all year round as a combined hobby room, office and general extra space for the
house. Cabins Unlimited understand the importance of this, so are happy to
offer Insulation alongside any of our Log Cabins.This customer was extremely happy with the finished product, so happy in fact that he has now asked our teams to return
and fit a heavy duty garden fence around the perimeter of his garden as well as
dismantle some existing sheds. Another selection of services that we can offer
for our customers call the team on 01362 470075 for more information.


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