Bespoke Log Cabin Installation for Devonshire Club – Central London

As well as selling to a vast selection of domestic customers, Cabins Unlimited also sell to a lot of commercial properties and businesses all over the country. One particular client that we sold to in Central London was the Devonshire Club, within a short walk of the Gherkin based on Devonshire Square. Space in London is obviously limited, with
skyscrapers and office buildings taking up the majority of room so a Log Cabin
was the perfect option for some outdoor space.

The Devonshire Club visited our website looking for a building to fit into a small space for use as a staff canteen. Unable to find anything standard that fit the bill, they contacted us by telephone and spoke to one of our members of staff who were able to discuss with them the bespoke service that we offer. This bespoke service allows any of our customers to custom make a building to their exact requirements, our team will ask just a few questions and once we have a floor plan simply detailing the measurements
and location of any doors and windows we can then provide our customers with a
full quotation.

The model designed by an architect working for the Devonshire Club, was an 8m x 2.5m Apex Log Cabin with one room. This building had one single door and two double windows along the front walls with the remaining walls being solid logs. This log cabin was fitted into a gap not much bigger than the building itself, for this reason a concrete base was not an option due to access and so we were able to offer ProBase as a suitable base option. As this was a large base, in order to level the base out correctly our
installation team fitted the base over a full day, just a few days before the building arrived.

Unlike many companies, our installation team do not have a required space limit for installing Log Cabins. If the building fits in the space provided, our team will fit it no matter the space surrounding the base. This installation was particularly cosy for our fitters on this occasion, but the building was also erected in one full day by our team. This building was fitted with our Roof & Floor Insulation Kits and Green Rectangular shingle Tiles, all to make the building a suitable canteen for use by the clients all
year round.

The clients were extremely happy with the finished building and have also chosen to purchase some Rystix Timber Treatment from us to paint the building with at a later date.


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