Looking after your Veranda and Decking.

The 1st of March marks the start of spring, so now’s the time to spruce up your timber decking and verandas so they are ready for the Summer BBQ season. The great news is that we have just the right product for you,  Penetrating oil from our Rystix Timbacare range.

Our Penetrating oil is developed to perform. Once applied, it soaks into the timber surface to provide a durable water repellent coating that provides a great resistance to damage from sunlight and protection from fungal attacks. It dries slowly to form an attractive matt sheen, this fantastic product not only protects but enhances the appearance of the natural timber as well.

Available in Clear, Cedar, Mahogany, and Oak colour options,  giving you plenty
of choice for you to find the perfect colour to suit your decking, terraces, fences and any other horizontal woodwork which will be exposed to the weather.

The image below is decking treated in a Mahogany Penetrating Oil at our
Dereham Log Cabin Display Site in Norfolk.


The treatment is easy to apply on your timber surface as long as the surface is
clean, dry and free from other coatings. You can simply apply this Penetrating
Oil with a long bristle brush making it quick and easy to apply with no specialist
equipment required.

Typically only one coat of Timbacare Exterior Penetrating Oil is required on decking,
although it could be beneficial to apply 2 coats if using the Clear finish. Coloured Oil will give superior UV protection to that of a Clear Oil, please ask us if you require any  advice.

Application Instructions

    1. Lightly sand the timber before treating to allow for better penetration of the product. Where another product or varnish has been
      used previously it will need to be removed completely before treatment can


  1. Clean the wooden surface with a good quality solvent to remove any residue.
  2. Allow the surface to dry before coating.
  3. Apply the treatment with a roller or long bristle brush. Being careful
    not to over apply.
  4. Timber can naturally develop splits and shakes over time. To prolong the life of your deck we recommend working extra oil into these splits for maximum protection.
  5. Remove any excess treatment with a cloth by simply wiping over with a cloth dampened with white spirit
  6. Wait for the product to dry completely for 12 hours before reapplying a second coat.
  7. Sit and enjoy your hard work

You can find out more information and application instructions on our website here. We also have a wide range of Rystix Timbacare products for all your timber care needs which can all be found under the Rystix section of our website  here.  If you have
any questions about which Timbacare product will be best for your needs, please call us on 01362 470 075.

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