Recent Installation of an Oban 40 Summerhouse in Hornchurch

The Cabins Unlimited team have recently installed the Oban Log Cabin with Roof & Floor Celotex Insulation and Shingle Tiles for a customer in Hornchurch, Essex. This customer was looking for something to fill the gap in their home and garden, after a visit to our website this customer decided that the Oban Log Cabin was perfect for their garden. This 44mm thick garden building when insulated is perfect for use as a summer house during the warmer months of the year and can even be fitted with electrics to keep warm
during the winter also.

The customer had one issue when looking to purchase this building, the issue was that they needed a cheaper, better looking base option than a normal concrete base. Whilst Cabins Unlimited can offer the fitting of concrete bases, we are also able to offer the supply and fitting of a plastic interlocking base named ProBase. ProBase when levelled with pea shingle can be fitted onto almost any surface (in this case soil) and is just as sturdy and firm as an ordinary concrete base. Our team can install these bases all
throughout the year, in the cold weather as once levelled the building can be
fitted straight onto the base immediately.

The customer wanted to keep the building protected as best as possible however wanted to keep that natural wood look that many customers love, so we offered and the customer purchased a 5 Litre tin of Rystix Exterior Armadek in a clear colour.

We are extremely happy with the finished building that we have supplied this customer with and they are of course overwhelmed with the result of the building in their garden, as described by the customer: โ€˜far greater than expectedโ€™.

Cabins Unlimited can supply and install a selection of buildings from summerhouses like this to heavy duty, multi-room offices. For information on pricing or a quotation on this building please give us a call on 01362 470075 and a member of the team will always be happy to help.


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