Sandra Log Cabin Install in Sudbury

In addition to the supply and fitting of smaller Log Cabins, Cabins Unlimited are also able to offer the supply and fitting of multi-room buildings and premium models for alternate and multiple uses. One example of a multi-room building fitted by our teams is the Sandra Log Cabin installed by Cabins Unlimited for a customer in Sudbury, complete with Insulation and black shingle tiles.

The customer that purchased this building is using it for therapy rooms at their own home business, with 4 rooms this allows the customer to use the building as a waiting room, small toilet, office and of course a treatment room. The rooms are all sized differently with some being larger than others, for this reason the building is certainly multi-purpose. The Sandra Log Cabin was supplied by Cabins Unlimited and manufactured by Palmako.

This customer chose to have electrics and plumbing fitted under the floor boards into each individual room, whilst we do not unfortunately offer this service our teams are happy for contractors to complete this work once the roof has been made water-tight and our installers can then return once the work is complete to help the customer out as much as possible with this element of their building. The customer also supplied their
own concrete base for our teams to fit on to.

This building is over 3m high and in order to follow health and safety guidelines our team needed to span the installation for this customer over 4 full days, whilst our team would normally fit the building in 3 days the short winter days meant that our days were cut short so our team needed to return an extra day. There is also beautiful veranda spanning over 2 metres by 8 metres on this building which of course adds extra work to the installation for our team but of course the end result is amazing and will give the customer a fantastic area to sit throughout the summer and allow herΒ  customers to wait outside.

The Sandra Log Cabin is a standard multi-room Log Cabin, however our teams are able to offer the supply and fit of bespoke Log Cabins made exactly to the size that you require. For information on pricing please give us a call on 01362 470075 and a member of staff will be happy to help.

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