Alex MINI Installation Huntington

The smallest and one of the most popular models in our range of Log Cabins is the Alex MINI. This Log Cabin is 2.5m x 2m in 44mm thick wall logs and we recently installed this cosy building for a customer in Huntington complete with our Roof & Floor Insulation Kits and Black Shingle Tiles. As well as fitting the building itself our installation team were also asked to fit the ProBase for this building using pea shingle to level out the base,
ProBase being the recommended base for this size building. Cabins Unlimited can
offer the fitting of any form of base work for customers and can of course
advise on the type of base required for the sort of building that our customers
are looking to purchase.

This particular customer was using the Log Cabin for a garden office. After much debate the couple decided to purchase a small Log Cabin from Cabins Unlimited to move their home business and office from their house into the garden to help separate their home and work life. This customer purchased the building from us not only because of the fantastic product reviews that we have but also because of the brilliant and helpful service we provided. The customer was unsure exactly what would be the most cost effective options to suit his requirements best and our team were of course happy to help
with advice, the best for the size of the area they had and the use they wanted to purchase the building for was of course the Alex MINI which comes with premium double glazing and optional insulation to keep the building warm throughout
the winter.

The installation team installed both the ProBase and the Cabin for this customer in a day, completing the work ready for the customer to move in as soon as possible. Our team first levelled out the ground area that the customer wanted us to fit the building onto and they compacted pea shingle onto the area for the ProBase to lay, once this was complete our team fitted together the ProBase ready for the cabin base bearers to be laid.

This customer will be leaving positive feedback for us when they are less busy as they were surprised by the great service they received, another happy customer. Cabins Unlimited can offer a range of smaller buildings for our customers, for more information on pricing please give us a call on 01362 470075.Ā  View the Alex Mini Log Cabin on Our website here


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