Rumus Plus 2 Cabin Installation in Beetley, Norfolk

Another day, another cabin Installation. This week our team
have fitted the Eurowood Rumus Plus 2 Log Cabin with Grey shingle tiles for a customer in Beetley near Dereham, Norfolk.

The customer visited our Dereham Log Cabin display site a few weeks ago looking for a building to use as a workshop and  general garden storage unit, the building needed to be sturdy, superb quality and of course great value. Our team at the display site guided this customer in the direction of the Rumus Plus Log Cabin, a  5m x 4m cabin with double glazing and 44mm walls, perfect for a workshop. The customer knew straight away that he wanted to purchase the building however was unsure as to whether the existing base
area in the garden was sufficient and level enough to hold the building so our  installation team were able to conduct a FREE site survey for this customer. Upon arrival at the customer’s address to complete the site survey, our team got straight to work evaluating the base and were able to indicate exactly how un-level the base was and inform the customer of his options.

As the customer was looking to save as much money as possible our team were able to offer a budget base option that would ensure the customer was not out of pocket but was getting a suitable base for the cabin of his dreams. This budget base consisted of quick-drying, extra-strong cement and plastic packing under the base bearers, the team of course completed this work for the customer at a small charge once the building had been delivered so that they could organise and level the base bearers onto the area the customer wanted the building fitted. Our team then returned the next day to fit the
building itself.

Our team consisting of 4 men fitted the building over a full day for the customer and only took payment only completion to ensure that the customer was happy with the building once it was finished. This customer did not opt for Insulation to be fitted but this building would also make for a perfect office should Insulation also be fitted. The standard version of the building comes with a side window on each side however the customer chose to purchase additional logs to close the window area up as this would prevent unwanted eyes looking into the building from the customer’s front garden.

For a quote on installation of any Log Cabin or timber building please give us a call on 01362 470075 and a member of staff will always be happy to help.


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