Recent Install In Wembley on a Eurovudas Oxford Plus Log Cabin

Our Installation team have been extremely busy recently with the fitting of buildings all different shapes and sizes across the country, despite the winter weather our team still find days of the week to fit our customer’s buildings for them as soon as possible. Last week our team visited Wembley to construct the Eurovudas Oxford Plus Log Cabin, complete with our superior  Insulation Kits and Grey Rectangular Shingle Tiles.

The customer is looking to use the building for garden storage and also to double up as a hobby room, in this area of the country living space is limited so the customer thought best to use their garden to accommodate their hobby and storage needs. Our advice team in the office were able to guide this customer in the direction of the  5m x 4m Oxford Log Cabin from the get go, with the customer informing us of the size of their base and
garden we could give them a suitable option for this area. Our team are
familiar with all of our huge range of buildings so can guide any customer over
the phone or face to face at our show site, to the model that would best suit
their requirements.

The Oxford Plus makes for a fantastic garden and storage room, with only 2 small front windows and half glazed doors this means that is can be squeezed into a certain gap in the garden to maximise space and has less visibility of the items inside while still allowing plenty of light to enter the building. We have also had previous customers use the building as an office or general summerhouse, with  34mm thick walls and our Insulation Kits fitted this allows for usage all year round.

This particular building has been fitted onto one of the most popular base options, a concrete base to ensure a level and firm surface for the building to live on. This building was finished on one full day by our team of 3 expert fitters, as you will see from the images we finished the cabin just as it became dark. Our team can offer the installation of any timber buildings in the London area, for a quotation please give our team a call on
01362 470075 with your postcode at hand and we can provide you with a price.

Another happy customer and building installed by Cabins Unlimited.


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