Edinburgh 240 Install Romford

Recently we completed the installation of the Lasita Edinburgh 240 Log Cabin, with our specialist Roof & Floor Insulation Kits and shingle tiles. This particular installation was for a customer in Romford, looking for somewhere to store her office equipment and work from all year round without crowding up the house too much with wires and paperwork. The customer also purchased Interior and Exterior Rystix Armadek, they will be looking to paint the building shortly to keep it protected during the winter months.

The team at Cabins Unlimited guided the customer in the direction of Edinburgh 240 from the initial enquiry, understanding the customers need to maximise space while keeping a modern style in the garden we knew exactly the model that would fit the requirements. In this particular area of the country, garden space is limited and so therefore an extra room in the garden needs to be spacious and well fitted so that it stands out but not so it swallows up the rest of any usable space.

Edinburgh Log CabinThe Edinburgh 240 Log Cabin is a hipped roof building that comes with full length, double glazed windows and doors to allow light to flow into the room when needed – I am sure you will agree it looks fantastic in most gardens.The building will fit all the customer’s office equipment in with no issues, with even a bit of left over space for a bit of exercise every now and then. Our Roof & Floor Insulation kits that have also been fitted are perfect for a garden office not only because of the warming capabilities but also due the nil condensation membrane that we provide with all of our kits, this membrane means a 0% chance of condensation effected any electrical devices such as computers.

This model has been fitted onto a firm and level timber base, meaning that the customer can fit decking at a later date to improve the looks of the garden as a whole. Our installation team comprising of 4 expert fitters spent a full day installing this building for this customer, our team are dedicated and well-trained fitters in all shapes and sizes of Log Cabins and Timber Buildings. For a quotation on the installation of your log cabin or should you have any questions please give us a call on 01362 470075 and a member of staff will be happy to help.


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