A Customer’s Barbados 3 Log Cabin with 70mm Walls!

We are able to offer a range of log cabins and summerhouses in various log thicknesses and sizes across all of our manufacturers and recently we have had a customer that has sent in some images of his constructed Barbados 3 Log Cabin, with 70mm logs. This timber building is also available in 44mm log thickness, which is our most common thickness that all of our manufacturers use across their buildings.

barbados 70mm log cabin

Almost all of our Log Cabins that you can view on our website are available to be made Bespoke in any way. One way you may want to change the log cabin is to change the log thickness, and this is why our manufacturer supplied a 70mm version of the Barbados 3 Log Cabin. 

Check out the customer’s images below and a comparison between the standard and 70mm

    Log Cabin Quick Facts
Base Size Metric 4.0m x 3.09m
Base Size Imperial 13ft 2 inches x 10ft 2 inches
Log Thickness
Roof Type Pent
Floor Area
Wall Height
Ridge Height
Roof Boards
Floor Boards
Double (1)
Single (3)



44mm Pricing
Cabin Price £2680
Roof & Floor Insulation £790
EPDM Roofing £480
70mm Pricing
Cabin Price £3380
Roof & Floor Insulation £790
EPDM Roofing £480

Below is an example of the difference that you get with 44mm and 70mm logs in this interlocking structure. As you can see, the 70mm is much thicker which means that it would give the cabin a much better insulation value to its walls.

We have many 44mm models to view on our Norfolk Log Cabin Display Site and even have a smaller version of the Barbados 3 – the Barbados Mini to view. Click here for directions.

If you would like a quote for a this Log Cabin then please give us a call on 01362 470075 or submit a form here.

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