Customers Log Cabin gets a face lift

Is your log cabin or timber building in need of some TLC?  Let our team of log cabin installers take care of it for you with a wide range of maintenance services.

Today our Norfolk team of log cabin installers aren’t working too far from our
log cabin display site in Dereham, making some improvements and carrying out some maintenance for our customer.

The customer has an existing log cabin very similar to our  11 X 6m Kristi model, purchased to provide temporary accommodation for when family visits. With the nights drawing in and the cold winter months on there way our customer wanted to be ready by giving her cabin a bit of TLC and purchasing some roof insulation. Our celotex insulation kits available for the roof and floor, are not only proven to eliminate condensation in the roof space but also create a warm cosy cabin and reduce heating costs.


After an early start the team got to work on removing the old worn out shingle tiles from the roof before preparing the space for the insulation.

Once the perimeter battens have been put in place the 25mm thick boards of Celotex are laid into place and joined together with reflective silver tape. After which,the whole roof is covered in OSB ready for tiling. A great advantage of our roof insulation kits is that they are designed to fit on top of the cabin roof which saved our customer the inconvenience of having to empty her cabin or protect her belongs whilst the work is carried out. It also meant that she could keep the head height in the cabin and keep the natural timber look she is so fond of.

Our customer chose to update her cabin with brand new red shingle tiles rather than replacing the old ones. This will not only give her cabin a whole new lease of life but also protects the vulnerable roof area from the elements for another 25 years before they need replacing.

We can offer a wide range of maintenance services whether you have purchased your timber building from us or not. So if your looking to add insulation, re shingle,
re treat or if you’re interested in an annual maintenance program give the team a call on 01362 470075 to discuss your needs.


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