Installation – The Kristi Multi-Room

Last week we completed the installation of the Kristi Log Cabin for a customer in Fakenham, Norfolk. The Kristi Log Cabin was purchased along with our superior celotex insulation kit and green rectangular bitumen shingle tiles, for use as accommodation all year round. The customer has also purchased additional tins of Rystix ExteriorInterior timber treatment from us to ensure the building is protected inside and out.

Kristi log cabin

The Kristi Log Cabin is a timber building which measures 11m x 6m with  44mm thick walls and double glazing. As you will see, the building comes with Georgian bars and notched logs ears to keep with the traditional look. This building has 5 rooms and the customer will be using the first two rooms as a kitchen and bathroom, with the remaining rooms to be used as bedrooms. A building of this size needs to be fitted onto a completely firm and level concrete base at least 6 inches thick, providing the correct support for both the internal and external walls.

The customer will be living in the building temporarily whilst they are renovating their home. The customer required a quick and easy solution to accommodation which we were of course able to offer. Once the renovation is complete, the customer will be using the building for guests that regularly come and visit and generally for extra rooms in the garden. With lots of land available, the customer is also looking to purchase some additional models similar to the Kristi in the future, as a well-insulated selection of rooms for certain animals and pets or alternatively as a general games and relaxation room. The possibilities are endless, with the building also capable of supporting heavy units for a large workshop or hot tub rooms.

This building looks wonderful standing in this customer’s garden. They will be fitting additional decking to the building at a later date to help it stand out more and to create extra space on a porch area.

This type of building took our installation team between 3 – 4 days to fully install with insulation and shingle tiles. Our installation team is comprised of 4 – 5 men per cabin install. Our installation teams are all well-trained and fully capable of fitting log cabins
of all shapes and sizes. For a price on this particular building or on any other of the products available on our website or services that we offer such as our installation service, please give us a call on 01362 470075 and a member of the team will be happy to help.


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