Latest Bespoke Installation – Clacton-On-Sea

Today our team of Norfolk log cabin installers have taken a bit of a road trip to Clacton-On-Sea to install a Bespoke Oslo log cabin for one of our customers.


The team arrived nice and early after a 5am start to ensure that they made the most of the lovely weather and daylight hours. Once on site the first thing our fitters always do is unpack the cabin and sort it into piles ready to check against the parts list, and then it’s time to crack on with the job. Our fitters don’t hang around either; this was the progress they had made by 11am this morning, at the roof beams already!

Our customer really liked the look of the standard 6m by 4m Oslo log cabin by Eurovudas but just wanted it that little bit bigger, so she contacted us about our bespoke service. After confirming with her the size and style of cabin she wanted using a simple sketch we went back to the manufacturer for a quotation. The customer then came to our Norfolk log cabin display site to meet with the team and have a look at our range of buildings. We have over 600 models of log cabins and summerhouses for sale on our website and it wouldn’t be possible to have them all on our show site. What we do have however, is a carefully selected display of 15 models comprising of buildings from all our manufacturers that each demonstrate unique features; whether that be differences in construction, windows or log cabin type. By coming to visit us our customer did not only get the reassurance of seeing our cabins in the flesh but she was able to look at the specific design elements unique to Euovudas and check out the build quality.

Once a bespoke order has been placed, it is all systems go at the factory. The simple sketch becomes a detailed drawing that is sent to the customer to confirm, this drawing not only gives the customer a good idea of what their finished building will look like but also ensures that the customers dream building is technically possible. At this point we ask the customer to have a look carefully at the drawings and let us know if they want anything changed. Once the customer is completely happy with the design the drawings are confirmed with the manufacturer and the drawing becomes a plan, which then becomes the timber building of your dreams.

Bespoke orders take a bit longer to produce than our standard models and do cost a little bit more. This is because standard models are built in bulk using one set of plans, but when a bespoke model is ordered new plans have to be drawn up and the standard run has to be stopped. Unless specifically requested we use Eurovudas for all of our bespoke log cabin orders, not only is their quality of build fantastic but they offer great value for money and have a quick delivery time of approximately 8 weeks.

If you would like to turn your simple sketch into a bespoke timber building then give the team a call on 01362 470075, or alternatively we can be contacted by email here or like this customer, pop over and see us. For live updates and to keep up to date on this install and others, check out our Facebook page here.


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