What type of wood are our Log Cabins made of?

A question which we get asked very regularly is, “what type of wood are our Log Cabins made from” and “is there much of a difference between the wood our manufacturers use?” Well we’re here to let you know.

Starting off with our manufacturer Eurovudas. The timber that they use is high quality traditional kiln-dried white pine or spruce which is used across all of their timber buildings. The timber is grown and cut in Lithuania, where the manufacturers main base of operations is located and where production of their amazing timber buildings takes place. Below is an image of a forklift loading up some log cabins into an Arctic Lorry, ready to be transported and delivered to customers. The Log ends for Eurovudas log cabins are notched at a curved angle to ensure a water tight fit.

Log cabin timber

Next up is Lasita Maja, who are based in Estonia. Lasita use Nordic Spruce timber to produce their log cabins. The selected timber is slow grown in a very cold climate so that they do not produce many branches for knots and tighter rings. Lasita have 3 different factories which allows them to make very different log cabin designs in a range of wall thicknesses; varying from sheds, summerhouses, saunas, pavilionsgarages and children playhouses as well as bespoke buildings.


Lastly, we have Palmako based who are also based in Estonia, and similarly, use Nordic Spruce to form their timber buildings such as the Sandra 3 and Lisa 3 Log Cabins. As Estonia has long cold winters and short summers, this allows for a slow growth rate for timber, providing it with a longevity and durability that’s perfect for log cabin. The design, manufacture and pre-treatment baths are all carried out in Estonia in factories like the one seen below.

Palmako HQ

One thing all our manufacturers have in common though is a shared love for creating beautiful, high quality, timber buildings that are incredible value for money. All of our manufacturers use the best quality timber that has been responsibly sourced., to help protect the environment for generations to come.   Why not pop down to our Norfolk log cabin show room in Dereham and check out some examples for yourself?

If you would like a quotation for a log cabin from one of our manufacturers, then please give us a call on 01362 470 075 or feel free to submit a contact form here.


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