New Product – Portsmouth 44 Log Cabin

Introducing the new Portsmouth 44 Log Cabin new to the Lasita Maja 2016 Range.

Whilst a vast majority of our log cabins for sale can be built in reverse Portsmouth 44 is the first hipped roof log cabin that gives you the flexibility to swap the positioning of the double doors and double window, which means that you are able to make this custom to you, without adding the costs if it was a bespoke log cabin. This makes the Portsmouth 44 a versatile log cabin that can be adapted to your needs without the need to make the building bespoke which saves you money.

The Portsmouth 44 is flexible by design, the building is supplied with pre-cut logs for the location of the double window as seen in Photo A below. If you wish to swap the double window for the double doors as seen in Photo B all that is required is some basic DIY knowledge and the necessary tools to cut through the timber underneath the existing double window opening. The other front facing wall comes with un-cut logs for you to cut in either the double doors or the double window depending on what you want. The location of the single window cannot be changed; although we are also able to supply additional windows and doors.

All of our installation teams are experienced in cutting in both windows and doors into our log cabins, for a quote on installing the Portsmouth 44 Log Cabin fill out our contact form here or give the team a call on 01362 470075. If you fancy taking on the challenge yourself check out the video below produced by our Norfolk Log Cabin Installation Team on how to cut the window into the logs of a standard log cabin.

How to cut in additional windows to a log cabin from Cabins Unlimited on Vimeo.

Check out the full specification here for the Portsmouth Log Cabin including images on the base plan and exact sizing for each wall. This building is soon to be released and ready for orders asap:

Log Cabin Quick Facts
Base Size Metric 4m x 4m
Base Size Imperial 13ft x 13ft
Log Thickness 44mm
Roof Type Hipped
Floor Area 11.3m2
Wall Height 2.11m
Ridge Height 2.45m
Roof Boards 18mm
Floor Boards 18mm
Door Double (1)
Window Single (1) & Double (1)
Glazing Double

We think the Portsmouth 44 Log cabin is a great addition to Lasita’s growing range of flexible log cabins. If you have any questions why not give the team a call on 01362 470075 or pop down to our Norfolk Log Cabin Display Site. We are open between 8:30am – 5:30pm on weekdays, and between 10am – 4pm on Saturdays. We are located at the following address:

Cabins Unlimited, Aldiss Park, Norwich Road, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 3PX



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