Design your dream log cabin

Have a dream design for your log cabin, summerhouse, wooden garage or other timber building but can’t find your dream anywhere? Well you can stop looking as we have the solution for you with our bespoke log cabin service, where we can adapt an existing standard model or help you create your perfect wooden garden building.

In order to provide you with a quote fora bespoke building all we need from you is a simple drawing which we can then send off to our manufacturers for a price. Your sketch doesn’t need to be the next Monet or Vincent van Gogh masterpiece as long as it clearly shows the following:

  • Cabin name if adapting a standard model
  • External dimensions
  • Internal dimensions and layout of and rooms if necessary
  • Roof type – Apex Pent or Flat
  • Location of any windows or doors and whether these are double or single
  • Maximum ridge height
  • Log thickness you require (minimum of 44mm for bespoke models)
  • Your postcode for delivery

Once you have finished your sketch either emails it over to us at  or if you’re local pop into our Dereham Log Cabin Display site in Norfolk. We will then arrange for our manufactures to provide you with a quotation which we will then send to you. Remember we can also provide you with a quotation for insulation, shingle tiles, timber treatment and installation so if you require any of these services don’t forget to mention that as well. If you are happy with the quote and decide to place an order then the manufactures will work their magic and turn your sketch into proper drawings for you to sign off on before your dream cabin goes into production.

Just a little word on bespoke cabins though, in order to bring you the best quality log cabin at the best possible price our manufactures batch make one particular log cabin before moving onto the next. This allows them to keep manufacturing prices down and build up stock of our best sellers in the UK to reduce the cost and delivery time for you. When a bespoke cabin is ordered, new plans and CAD designs have to be produced and batch production stopped whilst the bespoke log cabin is made. For this reason, this does have an impact on the overall cost of the cabin and a manufacturer’s lead time of approximately 8-10 weeks. However, we understand that sometimes bespoke is the only way to go; so whether you’re looking to make adjustments to a standard model or wish to try your hand at creating a completely new model, get in touch with us on 01362 470075 or email us your sketch and let’s get the ball rolling and turn your dream into a reality.


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