Our Ex Display Carlisle in it’s New Home!

Our Ex Display Carlisle Log Cabin has had some changes and looks like a brand new building straight off the rack for our customers that purchased this building to use as a summerhouse since retiring and love spending quality time in their garden; what better way to take advantage of our superb weather than by purchasing a log cabin!


Our Carlisle previously on our showsite was treated in a Rystix Exterior Armadek Pastel Blue and Cream but we wanted to change some models on our Dereham Show Site and so made room for our new Jubilee. Since moving into a new property, our customers wanted to take advantage of the area that the sunlight pours into their garden in the evenings and so decided to purchase our ex display Carlisle Log Cabin to use as a summerhouse to relax and to use at general gatherings and parties. Alternative uses could include using this building as an office, workshop or hobby room. The choices are endless with our log cabins! Since selling off our Ex Display Carlisle, our customers had been hard at work fitting the log cabin with help from their son and had recently finished treating the building and fitting it with their garden furniture. Check the building out below!

Carlise Log Cabin Gym

     Log Cabin Quick Facts
Base Size Metric 3.5m x 3m
Base Size Imperial 11ft 6 inches x 9ft 11 inches
Log Thickness 40mm
Roof Type Apex
Floor Area 9.99m2
Wall Height 2.11m
Ridge Height 2.45m
Roof Boards 18mm
Floor Boards 18mm
Door Double (1)
Window Single (1)
Glazing Double

Check out Carlisle Log Cabin on our website by clicking here. If you would like a quote for one or more of our log cabins, then please click here or call us on 01362 470 075. 


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