Feedback from a customer on their Jubilee Log Cabin

We have received some great feedback from a customer that had purchased a Jubilee Log Cabin with shingle tiles, roll out felt and insulation. The customer had purchased the building to use as a home office to free up their 4th bedroom and to have an office that uses light well and an airy space in which to work in.

The Cabins Unlimited team provided an excellent service and were very easy to deal with and provided a great quality log cabin. I wouldn’t change anything about the service provided to me and all information was provided clearly to me.

“I was very satisfied with the service provided to me by the customer service staff and was extremely happy with the end result once my building had fitted the log cabin for me. I would change nothing about the service provided and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing a log cabin.”

Log Cabin Quick Facts
Base Size Metic 3.5m x 3m
Base Size Imperial 11ft 6 inches x 9ft 11 inches
Log Thickness 44mm
Roof Type Apex
Floor Area 9.94m2
Wall Height 2.22m
Ridge Height 2.45m
Roof Boards 18mm
Floor Boards 18mm
Door Double (1)
Window Single (2)
Glazing Double

Get more details on the Jubilee log cabin on the product page on our website  by clicking here.

If you would like a full quotation for this or any other log cabin, please give us a call on 01362 470 075 or email us at


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