Vicky joins the install team

At Cabins Unlimited we believe that our customer service sets us apart from other log cabin and summerhouse agent’s. As part of this we strive to provide our customers with the best advice and support right start to finish, from our before you buy advice guide right through to answering the more technical installation questions. As a team we are always looking for ways to increase our knowledge and the advice we are able to offer. Which is why when our new sales office arrived at our Dereham Log Cabin show site in Norfolk I wasn’t surprised to see Vicky, from customer service eager to don her scruffs, dodge the rain. and get stuck in helping the installation team. For our new office we decided to go with the Pisa Log Cabin is a 5m by 5.9m multi room log cabin by our manufacturer Eurovudas. Vicky’s help as the newest member of our Norfolk installation team gave her first-hand knowledge of how one of our log cabins are erected and the steps the installation team take which will be invaluable knowledge to pass on to our customers.

I spoke to Vicky after she had a chance to recover and got some words from her on why she wanted to take part in the installation and what she feels she got out of it.

“I answer the phones and often have people asking technical
questions which are often quite hard to answer when you’ve never seen a cabin
put up or put one yourself and although we have a team of people with lots of
experience putting them up I felt it would be good for me to also experience
what the process is.

With our new office cabin arriving and needing to be put up
I decided it would be an ideal opportunity to learn what is involved in putting
one up. Before I turned up the team had already laid a timber base ready for
the base bearers to go on top and Luke was just about to start laying the base
bearers. Normally we would advise that a cabin the size of the Pisa (5m x 5.9m)
is fitted on a concrete base with damp proof membrane on top of each bearer,
but due to renting we’re not allowed to put down a concrete base and so opted for a timber one.

My first job was to unwrap the 2 pallets which I am pleased
to say came very well sealed. Once that was done it was a case of moving the
timber into piles ready to go up. This was very time consuming, we were very
lucky that where the pallets were put it was not too far from where the cabin
needed to be erected. The install team told me that this is not always the case
and it can be quite a distance to carry all the timber to. This process took a
fair while for Rob, Dean and myself to do. When that was done it was time to
look at the install guide that came with the building and figure out what logs
went where and put them near where they would end up.

After making sure the base was 100 percent level, we started
with the half logs at the bottom and screwed them to the base bearers. I was
informed that the logs need to have a little overhang at the bottom so they are
not flush with base bearers. Then it was a case of fitting all the logs – this
was by far my favourite bit seeing it going up. This bit is surprisingly fast!
The logs all just click into each other like a jigsaw, the hardest bit is
making sure you have the right log for the right wall especially as the new
show site office is a multi-roomed cabin. Luckily they all come with a label on
with the code which makes it a bit easier to decipher what goes where. Then it
was time to do the windows, I didn’t really get involved with the windows as
Luke and Dean did that. Although I did go over and see what they were doing.
Whilst they put the roof beams on the top, I went around and took off all the
labels on the logs.

I am looking forward to helping with the next steps.”

You can check out some photos taken of the installation below.  Over the next few weeks we will be continuing with the Pisa install and transforming this wonderful multi room cabin into a great new sales office. To keep updated on the progress pop down to our log cabin display site at the football ground in Dereham or follow us on Facebook.

The Pisa Log Cabin from Euovudas is rather a large multi-room log cabin and so arrived packaged on two pallets


Base bearers, and damp proof membrane is put down on the timber base, as the pallets are unpacked and logs are stacked together in piles


Once all the parts have been marked off against the instructions the walls go up pretty quickly.


Dean checks on the progress made at the end of day one.


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