Log Thickness

We have a wide range of Log Cabins in different sizes and wall thickness. Some of our Log Cabins and Quick Up timber buildings range from 18mm – 70mm and we know that you will be sure to find something that fits your specification. We even have twin skinned models to allow for wall insulation to be fitted if you find that you require it based on your location.

Here is an example of each of the different thickness we offer on our buildings:

16mm Timber Buildings:

Claire 2 16mm logs

This 16mm building (Claire 2) is made of pre-assembled panels for easy assemble and is finished with fascias for the roof and walls to hide the joins between each panel. These 16mm buildings tend to be used as sheds or small workshops.

18mm Timber Buildings:


These 18mm timber buildings are also made in panels but are supplied with optional cladding to allow for internal wall insulation to be fitted and covered the optional cladding. These buildings are generally used for general use offices or study buildings.

28mm Log Cabins:


This 28mm Log Cabin (Veronica 1) is made with much thicker walls and these are made from individual logs. These buildings typically are made with interlocking log ears so that it provides a stronger building. These buildings are made of individual logs and so this building takes much longer to be installed in comparison the our quick up cabins. Our Log Cabins are more popular than our quick up cabins for reasons such as being much better at naturally insulating and they look very traditional and professional for an office building or summerhouse.

34mm Log Cabins:


We then have our 34mm Log Cabins which are mostly all interlocking logs which allows for the building to be well naturally insulated and are great office buildings. The Dorset as seen above comes with double glazing, like most of our 34mm Log Cabins.

40mm Log Cabins:


The 40mm Log Cabins are all made from interlocking logs to allow for a strong foundation and building to be erected. These 40mm Log Cabins are very popular due to the great natural insulation that they provide and we find that these buildings can be easily erected by anyone with basic DIY skills. The 40mm building above is a recently installed Edinburgh 240 which we have fitted for a customer.

44mm Log Cabins:


The 44mm Log Cabins are our most popular range of log cabins as they suit great for office buildings or even workshops due to the great naturally insulated timber. It is also our most popular as we have so many models in this thickness ranging from different sizes – 2.5m x 2m to 11m x 6m!

68mm Log Cabins:


The 68mm Log Cabins that we offer are all from our manufacturer Eurovudas as this is the only manufacturer we use that offer 68mm building. This range of log cabins is still very popular due to the great value for money buildings with the size and thickness. For example, the building seen above is 68mm thick, sitting at 5m x 4m and is only £3,680!

70mm Log Cabins:


The 70mm Log Cabins that we offer come in a variety of sizes, from 3m x 2.5m to as large as 6.4m x 7.6m. These models are extremely great at providing natural insulation due to the thick timber walls. If necessary, we can provide our insulation kit with all of the buildings from 28mm – 70mm thick. These buildings are great for business offices or home lodges!

Twin Skinned Log Cabins:

barbados-3-twin skinned

Our Twin Skinned Log Cabins come in a variety of sizes. Each of our Twin Skinned Log Cabins is made up of two sets of 44mm Logs so that there is a cavity of either 50 or 100mm inbetween to allow for optional wall insulation to be fitted if necessary. Alternatively, we have found customers to purchase a twin skinned log cabin and not fit wall insulation but to simply use the building as an 88mm thick log cabin. The building above is the Barbados 3 UK Twin Skinned which is a great office building or summerhouse, especially with the two sets of logs to keep even more heat inside of your building.

If you would like a quote for any of our Log cabins or have any questions about our log cabins then please give us a call on 01362 470 075 or email us at info@cabinsunlimited.co.uk and a member of staff will be happy to help you.


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