Calling all Gym Goers

So this past Sunday I like many others settled down on the sofa to watch over 36000 people run the London Marathon donned in their charity vests proudly showing off the charity that they have trained so hard for, with the odd wacky and wonderful costume thrown in there too. By the time the first few runners began their last mile up the Mall I was inspired, with full intentions of getting into shape and running a marathon.

As the runners kept crossing that finish line looking thoroughly exhausted but totally elated my resolve was set, time to dust off the treadmill unpack the weights (if i can lift them) and create my own mini gym and start off getting fit – we can work on the marathon later. Obviously one way to get into shape is too sign up to a gym or employ the services of a personal trainer, but this costs money and has time constraints that may not fit into your lifestyle. The other option is to create an area in your home that you can use for a gym; the downside to this being with today’s modern living there is often just not the space to dedicate an area to bulky and space consuming equipment. Really with something like getting fit it is important that the equipment is always available so that you can’t be swayed into bad habits easily when your motivation is lagging and this is where your log cabin comes into play.

Choosing one of our log cabins for sale to use as a gym is of course a big decision, but take into account gym membership, personal training plus transportation to the gym  compared with our affordable prices and the convenience of being able to train anytime you want in your own back garden and you can see the appeal. Size wise we would recommend a minimum of 4 by 4m or 14 by 14ft such as the Devon 4  or the Plymouth 1 Log cabins, this allows for some equipment and space to work out. You can view all our log cabins by size range on our website here. There are many sites that offer free home gym planning to help you maximise the space available as well as useful articles such as this one from the Telegraph to suggest equipment that you may need.

Of course one on the main advantages of purchasing a log cabin from us is the versatility it provides, it can literally become anything you want whether that’s a home gym, yoga studio, home office, relaxing space or reading nook. If you need any help in choosing the perfect cabin for a home gym or otherwise then pop into our log cabin show site in Dereham, Norfolk or give us a call on 01362 470075. For those who are serious about running a marathon, lace up your trainers and I’ll see you at the finish line – I’ll be the one cheering loudly


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