Wall Insulation

At Cabins Unlimited we have a wide range of buildings available to purchase, all manufactured to be used for many different purposes. We have available superior and specialist Roof & Floor Insulation kits alongside most of our buildings, developed to suit the needs of every customer and also provide convenience with these kits being delivered with everything you need alongside the building, down to the last screw. These Kits have a great U-Value, nil condensation risk (if not applied, condensation can effect your office equipment and even cause respiratory problems) as well as fantastic insulative qualities to keep the building warm throughout the winter and cut your heating costs considerably.

All of our 40, 44, 68 and 70mm thick Log Cabins are used regularly by customers as garden offices, workshops and more all year round. All buildings of these wall thicknesses come with roof and floor boards between 18mm and 28mm thick depending on the range and category the building fits into, for this reason you will need Roof & Floor Insulation for use all year round otherwise you will have extensive heat loss in the building, the need for this is paramount along with Double Glazing that is also included in a large majority of our models.

Whilst our Roof & Floor Insulation have been tried, tested and proven that they are more than enough for buildings with a thickness of 40mm+, some may wish to even upgrade to Wall Insulation. Wall Insulation requires a cavity and air flow the be fitted correctly to enhance the performance and of course hold it in place, whilst we do have a selection of Twin Skin buildings available to purchase on our website this is only a small range with most of our standard Single Skin buildings offering our specially designed Roof & Floor Insulation. Our buildings are considered fantastic value for money, in comparison to basic summerhouses available on the market with our interlocking, heavy duty and thick timbers that mean Wall Insulation is not required.

Each and every Log Cabin available on the market have constantly expanding and contracting timbers, how it is constructed and with each log being fitted individually this causes natural movement in the building. For this reason we do not recommend fitting any DIY boarding to any of our single skin models should you be looking to insulate the walls and create a cavity, this will cause issues as to apply the wall cavity would mean to fix all of the logs together. Issues that can be caused by fixing these logs together include gaps appearing, cracks in any boarding you have fitted and will also cause the Wall Insulation to tear affecting the quality of material. 

Our recommendation should you wish to go for Wall Insulation as well as a Roof & Floor Kit is that a twin skin model is purchased, should you be unable to find a models that fits you requirements from our standard selection we can actually offer a bespoke service that allows us to make any single skin model into a twin skin – simply contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a price. Despite not offering Wall Insulation as standard on our website, we can quote for this so please let us know if this is something you require. The reason we suggest going for a twin skin model is that a cavity is created by using twin skin buildings, both walls surrounding the cavity will move together when the building moves naturally as they are all made from interlocking wall logs.

If you have a specific size of Insulation in mind, whether this be Celotex, Kingspan or an alternative supplier, you will need to purchase Insulation that is 20mm smaller than the cavity you wish to fit the Insulation inside. This allows for the movement as mentioned and also provides and air gap to maximise the advantages of the kit.

There are many disadvantages to applying a Wall Insulation kit to any Log Cabin, they are as follows:

1. Loss of space – Many of our buildings are used as offices for one person only, Wall Insulation wall cause you to loose tons of space from each wall depending on the type of Insulation that you have used. With our Roof & Floor Insulation Kits, they are fitted both on top of the roof and underneath the floor boards meaning that no headroom is lost.

2. Cost – Insulating the walls even in a standard summerhouse can be extremely expensive, even if fitted yourself. With our Log Cabins, the Roof & Floor Insulation Kit available ensures thermal comfort throughout the building when fitted correctly

3. Cosmetic – If Insulation fitted to the walls is fitted in a single skin building, this can turn out to be very ugly in comparison to the standard log effect, especially when cracked after the natural expansion of the building over time.

In general, if you are looking to purchase a fully Insulated building, well-suited to the needs of a garden office, home in the garden, games room, hobby room or casual extra room for you to use all year round, our Log Cabins are perfect for the purpose with our remarkable Insulation Kits purchased alongside.

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