10 Things to do in your garden with the kids

The  British weather can give you real mixed emotions, in the gloomy rain of February hidden behind the clouds, the sun very rarely makes an appearance but when it does we are nearly all of the time completely out of ideas to take advantage of the weather in your garden.

Whether it is to keep yourself, the kids or an unwelcome selection of relatives entertained, below are just a few ideas to help give you inspiration when choosing what to do in your garden this half term. We have kindly added a small reminder of the type of weather needed for the specific activity, in case you were unsure.

1. A BBQ – DRY WEATHER – Everyone loves a good old BBQ, whether it is the smell of your Dad’s burning burgers or the likely food poisoning to come from your weird neighbours strange-looking casserole that he has brought round. A BBQ is a likely cause for an arguement over who has control of the tongs but it is also a great way to bring family and friends together. We recommend this activity in dry weather only for one main reason, rain does not go well with fire – Cabins Unlimited do however offer a selection of BBQ Cabins for those of you fancying a BBQ even in the rain.

2. PLAYING WITH THE PETS – ANY WEATHER – While at school, college or work your pets rarely get time to have fun and play with their owners, so this half term give your pets some well-needed time with yourself even if it is just five minutes of playing outside. If it is sunny why not a nice game of fetch to get the pooch some exercise, chase the hamster-ball around the garden and if it is pouring down with rain you can always roll around in the mud (not recommended for those with a pretty garden) – depending on the pet you have there is always a way of turning your garden into a play den for pets!

3. SWING-BALL – DRY WEATHER – This timeless classic can end friendships or mould the bond stronger, Swing-Ball is the game with no specified rules because of course it is just for fun – JUST FOR FUN! Whether it is a hardcore tournament between you and another family member or just so that you can show off in front of your partner, this fantastic game is a great suggestion of a quick and easy activity you can play throughout the half term.

4. GARDEN MAINTENANCE – DRY WEATHER – Gardening does not have to be a chore, for some it is actually quite relaxing. It is completely understandable that many of us let our gardens go a little, in between work and other chores around the house you will find that the garden is the opposite of a priority but in the half term it may be worth giving the garden a spruce up to make sure it is ready for any unexpected guests or other activities that you wish to hold within the garden, it is highly likely it will give the rest of your house a homely feel!


5. TREASURE HUNT – DRY WEATHER – This one is mostly for the kids but a treasure hunt can be a great way to keep your children occupied for hours – depending how good your hiding spots are of course! Purchasing some chocolate golden coins from your local supermarket is the most common and yet brilliant idea for use as treasure for the children, giving them a sense of reward of course once the treasure is located.

6. BUILD A DEN – DRY WEATHER – Building a den can be great fun, made even better should you have any forestry near or in your garden. This activity can take up the whole of the half-term and is certainly an activity for a team of people, whether you be brother and sister or father and son. As an alternative to building a den, why not purchase a cabin, man cave or workshop from us which can in itself be a wonderful father and son project!

7. IMPROVE ON YOUR SKILLS – DRY WEATHER – Sports can be tough for some, while for others it may come naturally. Whether you are looking to start playing a certain sport for a hobby or should you simply want to get better so there is no embarrassment should you at any point in the future be challenged to a game of this specified sport, getting some alone time with the bat or ball can be very helpful and in many cases a turning point in who wins the next game!

8. CAMPING – DRY WEATHER – Who says you cannot experience life in the great outdoors, in your back garden? Camping in your garden is a wonderful way of family bonding, not only does it mean you can roast marshmallows on a fire but you can also go straight back in doors should you find that you are not getting a good amount of sleep. Spending the entire half term week playing boards games, playing instruments and gathered round the camp fire could be a great idea for you.

9. PLANT A TREE – DRY WEATHER – As you and your children grow older, you will find many things remain a constant in your families lives such as pets and that raggedy blanket you have had for the last 12 years. Planting a tree can be a great way of seeing how life advances just over a few years, as you and your family grow older then so will the tree you planted a few years back!

10. BE AT ONE WITH THE WILDLIFE – DRY WEATHER – Even if it is cold, put a hoodie or jacket on and simply spend some time in the garden to get some fresh air. You were going to spend the entire day on your phone texting friends, that can also be done outside while looking at the sky rather than four walls! Spending time in your summerhouse can also be a great way of being at one with the wildlife, spectate the birds while looking through some fabulous glazed windows and you can still remain warm!

Finally we also have one bonus activity for those of us crazy enough to try it, in the not-so-great weather of February.

PADDLING POOL – ANY WEATHER – Forget weather warnings those of you who dare! Who cares if it is raining, snowing, thundering, or just a tad dull? A paddling pool is a great activity for the whole family whatever the weather, it is also a great excuse to get rid of that Christmas dinner still lurking in your stomach from 2 months ago!

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