Log Cabins for Education

Friday 15 January is the National closing date in England for parents wishing to apply for a school place for their children to start school in September. Whilst some of our customers may be using the next few days to make a final decision on their order of preference, others may be looking at the alternative of home educating their child. Perhaps they are already home educating older children, or perhaps they want the freedom to completely tailor the learning experience to meet the needs of their child. I know for me it seems completely inconceivable that my little bundle of energy could be rocking up at the school gates in a smart new uniform just a few short months from now.

It is estimated that over 50,000 children in the UK are home educated with that figure rising by 80% in the past year. There are many theories about why this quiet revolution is happening such as the pressure on school places in some areas, the seemingly lack of top performing schools or maybe difficulties at school. Home education can take many forms, visits to the shop for basic maths, visits to museums or art galleries or more traditional tutoring taking place in the home. Increasing though customers have approached us looking for a log cabin that can bring that learning experience right into their very own garden. Setting up one of our fantastic log cabins as a garden school creates a distinction between time spent learning and time spent in the home. Your log cabin could provide you with a great space for creativity and a separate space for writing, you could have an area for resources, create a little book nook and still have lots of room to invite other families round to join in the fun of learning through living.

Below you will find our top 3 most popular log cabins customers have purchased with education in mind along with some quick facts for you. Further information on any of our log cabins for sale can be found on the individual product listings on our website or if you would like to discuss your log cabin needs with us please contact us on 01362 470075 and any member of the team would be happy to help you.

The Trinity

The pent roof Trinity log cabin by Lasita would be great as an garden classroom, with glazing to the front and double doors it allows for lots of natural light to flood into the room leaving 3 clear walls for art work, resources and storage. The Trinity log cabin in the picture has been treated in Rystix timbercare, a superior quality wood treatment that will protect and prolong the life of this fantastic timber building.


     Trinity Log Cabin Quick Facts
 Base Size 5.3m x 3.8m
 Log Thickness 44mm
 Roof Type   Pent
 Floor Area   19.3m2
 Wall Height 2.0m
Ridge Height 2.34m
Roof Boards 19mm
Floor Boards 19mm
Double Door 151 x 175cm
Single Window (4)   60 x 111cm
Glazing Premium Double
Window Type   Outward Opening


Java UK

The Java UK is a multi room log cabin with plenty of room in the main room to create functional learning spaces with the addition of a smaller internal room ideal as a supplies cupboard,  storage, dark room or project area as well as a bonus room accessible from the outside that would be great for storage for outside activities.


      Java UK Log Cabin Quick Facts
 Base Size   6.8m x 3.9m
 Log Thickness 44mm
 Roof Type   Pent
 Floor Area   22.84m2
 Wall Height 2.22m
Ridge Height 2.45m
Roof Boards 18mm
Floor Boards 18mm
Sliding Door   391.4 x 195.7cm
Single Doors (2) 83.5 x 190 cm
Single Window   150 x 41cm
Glazing Premium Double
Window Type   Fixed


The Roman

Designed exclusively for Cabins Unlimited after customer feedback the Roman log cabin is based on the Rome log cabin but without the solid Georgian bars and offers a solution for customers with a smaller garden but who sill want a spacious log cabin that is light and airy.


        Roman Log Cabin Quick Facts
 Base Size   4.83m x 2.83m
 Log Thickness 44mm
 Roof Type   Apex
 Floor Area   12.39m2
 Wall Height 2.0m
Ridge Height 2.5m
Roof Boards 18mm
Floor Boards 1mm
Double Door Outward Opening
Single Window (3) Outward Opening
Glazing    Double

If you would like any further information on home education there are many good websites that can offer you information and advice such as:

If you’re still making a decision about your child’s school place or education options   for September, then give your local school admissions team a call I am sure they would be happy to advise you.

For all your log cabin questions, as always we can be contact by telephone on 01362 470075 by email info@cabinsunlimited.co.uk or by completing our contact form

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