A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….or rather at the  Cabins Unlimited show site in Dereham, Norfolk there was a real buzz in the air over the new Star Wars film. With some of us eager to go see the film in all its cinematic glory, and some of us more than content with waiting for the Blu-ray release thoughts turn to how you can recreate that cinema experience in your own home.

The film fans among us know that there is nothing better than seeing a really good movie on a top of the range screen with your friends, complete with popcorn of course. So what would be better than converting one of our fabulous log cabins or summerhouse for sale into your very own home cinema room? This means that you get to indulge in that cinema experience whenever you want to without having to worry about getting the best seat in the house.

What should I consider when buying a cabin as a home Cinema?

Cabin size and style

The size of the log cabin you purchase is going to be affected by a couple of important factors, namely the plot of land you have available and your budget. Aside from that though there are also a few other things you may want to look at when choosing your fantastic new log cabin,  for example rectangular log cabins would give you the best acoustics over square or corner log cabins and pent roofs over apex or hipped. The number of windows and doors the cabin has may also be a factor, do you want double doors to give you easy access to get those big comfy chairs in, or would you prefer a
single door? A cabin with many windows are great if you are going to double up your log cabin as a summerhouse for a place to chill out, relax and enjoy your garden but if the primary function is that of a cinema room each of those windows would need covering up to create a room darker than deep space itself.


Let’s face it there is little point in creating a cinema room if you have to keep the volume low to avoid upsetting the neighbours, so you may want to look at some form of soundproofing as well. The great thing is that timber is a natural insulator and therefore gives some degree of soundproofing too,obviously the thicker the timber the greater the natural ability so I would recommend looking at cabins with a wall thickness of at least 40mm such as the Trinity log cabin. Floor and roof insulation is also a must as this not only helps keep the heat in but also the sound in too and the great news is that our
Celotex insulation kits are available to purchase alongside all of our log cabins and summerhouses. If you want to go that one step further and look at soundproofing the walls of your log cabin we would recommend that you speak with a local expert or DIY merchant for further advice on acoustic plasterboard and specialist insulation brackets that allow for the natural expansion that will occur in the logs.

Consideration should also be given to the interior design of your home cinema room, or as I like to call it ‘the fun bit’. Good interior design choices also help with soundproofing as sound bounces off hard surfaces whereas soft furnishings prevent sound reverberating around the room so have a look at furnishings like plush carpets, big comfy chairs (these are important) and heavy lined curtains.

TV or Projector and Sound Systems

This is the part where your probably best consulting with a local expert for advice on the many types of projectors and televisions that are on the market and the same also applies for the sound system for your cinema room. You could kill two birds with one stone with a company such as  Ritcher Sounds which has showrooms across the country and can give you expert advice on these matters. You can even try out the different solutions available at their showroom and with our own show sites we recognise the benefits of being able to touch, see, feel and in this case hear the quality before you
purchase. Obviously there are other specialists companies that can help you out an a quick look on  Google or Yell.com will show you experts who are local to you.

So now we have looked at the important factors you need to consider now comes the fun part, choosing your log cabin. Some options you may want to consider are the TrinityAnguilla and the Isabel all of which are large pent roof rectangular log cabins, with minimal amount of windows and double doors for those all-important big comfy chairs.

There are over 600 log cabin models to choose from on our website as well as the
bespoke service we offer, so we are sure that we can help you find the perfect model for you and our website allows you to search by popular size, roof type or manufacturer.
Alternatively if you would like to discuss you options further please do
give us a call on 01362 470075 and we would be happy to help or as  Yoda himself
would say “Take a look at our fabulous log cabins, make a great cinema room, they would. Hmmmm”

Now this blog post is getting longer than a Star Wars film itself but if you’re wondering what exactly happens at the end of the new film the answeris….

Sorry there are no spoilers here. May the force be with you.


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