Installation of the Lasita Shetland 2, 70mm Log Cabin

Cabins Unlimited offer a wide range of buildings in different shapes and sizes. We completed the installation of the Lasita Shetland 2 Log Cabin for a customer in Kings Lynn – this building comes with premium 70mm Logs, large double glazed+ windows and doors and also metal rods to fit through the each corner of the building – stabilising it further.

This order was special as the Shetland buildings are made to order specifically for any customer that purchases. This Lasita model can be viewed and purchased by clicking here.

This customer also purchased our superior insulation kits and long-life shingle tiles alongside the building, meaning it is perfect for use all year round as an office, workshop or general garden building!

Installation of the Shetland 2 Log Cabin from Cabins Unlimited on Vimeo.

The customer also gave us some quick feedback:

“It is a great product, I am very happy with the installation team and the new cabin! Very helpful service – 5 star!”

If you would like any information on any of the buildings or services that we have to offer please give us a call on 01362 470075.

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