Installation of the Lasita Antigua Garage

Well we have been busy here at Cabins Unlimited!

Earlier this month we completed an installation of the Lasita Maja Antigua Wooden Garage for a customer in Attleborough, Norfolk. This customer also purchased Red Shingle Tiles alongside his building, meaning the roof on his building has a brilliant form of protection over the next 25 years – not to mention the fact that they look wonderful!

The customer purchased from us following a visit to our Dereham Display site in Norfolk and just 4 weeks later the building was delivered and installed ready to use as a workshop. The customer was so impressed that he left the installation team the following feedback:

Antigue Garage

“I made the purchase to replace the existing garage in a cheap and sustainable way. The staff were patient & courteous. If one member of staff didn’t know something they would find out from another.
The installation was quick and efficient, the only thing I would change is that they didn’t eat enough biscuits!”

Another happy Customer!

If you would like any information on the services and buildings that we have to offer please give us a call on 01362 470075 and a member of staff will always be happy to help.


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