Our Insulation Kits are Top Class

With the start of the new term on the horizon, only 4 short months to Christmas and a big change in the weather here in Norfolk thoughts turn to  ways of expanding that summer feeling by finding ways to enjoy your log garden oasis throughout the year.  One of the ways our customers do this is by purchasing our floor and roof insulation kits alongside their log cabin.

Here at Cabin Unlimited we are only one of a few timber building suppliers in the UK to be able to supply specialist, tested insulation kits alongside nearly all of our summerhouse and log cabins for sale on our website.  Our insulation kits contain  Celotex, a special vapour control membrane and oriented strand board most commonly referred to as OSB.  Celotex a market leading  product which consists of a compressed foam material between silver foil, provided to you in 25mm sections.

Condensation in your log cabin roof will cause decay, mold and discolouration over time Our Insulation kits have been scientifically proven to have no risk of condensation or  a nil dew point  in our roof systems when fitted according to our instructions,  This scientific testing was carried out by an Energy Systems Company for us.

Our clever kits are typically half the price of other systems and are  developed specifically to ensure minimal waste but still enough to fully insulate your timber building meaning that you are getting real value for money.


Designed to be fitted on top of the roof and under the floor boards means  that no height is lost within the cabin itself and you still retain that natural timber look inside. We do not offer wall insulation kits for our buildings as heat tends to escape  mainly through the roof and floor. With timber already being a good insulator there is no need to insulation the walls of any building with 40mm or thicker walls.  If you want further information of our insulation kits you can find some on our website here or alternatively give us a call on 01362 470075.

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